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Things You Need to Know About Dormant Pruning

Most of the people take great care of their garden and plants during the spring and summer seasons but stop doing so when the season ends. End of summer does not mean that your work is finished as it is vital to prepare your plants and trees for the upcoming winter months.

When the season shifts from summer to autumn to winter, slowly the plants reach the state of dormancy.

Many people do not realize that this is the time for pruning their plants and trees. Most of the plants that undergo dormant pruning get a lot of benefits from it in the coming time.

Let us read about some things you should know about dormant pruning.

image -  Things You Need to Know About Dormant Pruning
Things You Need to Know About Dormant Pruning

What is Dormant Pruning?

Dormant pruning is the process of pruning trees and plants during their dormant winter times so that it helps their growth in the upcoming spring season.

It uses the same principles as regular pruning but takes place during a plant’s dormant stage to reduce the stress on it. Large cuts are made aggressively that help in growth during springtime.

Plants can also be thinned during this time to open a canopy for air and light to circulate. This reduces the plant’s size and encourages healthier growing next season.

Dormant pruning reduces overgrown plants and rejuvenates new growth of the plant. The pruning process may take 2-3 years, but it is far more affordable than re-landscaping.

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What is the Best Time for Dormant Pruning?

image - What is the Best Time for Dormant Pruning

Most of the trees and plants reach their dormant season in the late fall time usually from November to mid-March. The natural dormancy time helps in proper pruning without compromising the health of the plants.

Try to remove dead and unhealthy branches that can cause the plants danger during the cold and snowy winter season.

Proper dormant pruning will heal the plants right and allow them to grow properly during the upcoming spring season.

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Importance of Dormant Pruning

image - Importance of Dormant Pruning

Dormant pruning is essential to those people who have plants and trees in their garden as pruning will allow the plants to get in their best shape during the growing season. While pruning, you will remove damaged limbs of the trees and plants.

After losing damaged limbs, plants will grow healthier limbs in the springtime. Plants will bloom nicely and produce better flowers and fruits than before.

Dormant pruning will reduce the size of overgrown plants and trees. While the plants are dormant during winter, this process will put very low stress on them.

If you carry out this step during the growing season, then the stress caused will reduce the new growth of the plants and trees. If the big trees block sunlight, trim them during dormancy and enjoy the sunshine to the fullest.

Common Mistakes Made During Dormant Pruning

While pruning, do not remove the top of a shrub as the plant will come up with new shoots that are mostly unmanageable. Make sure to follow the natural lines of the plants while pruning.

Don’t remove more than a quarter of a plant as you may make the centre hollow which is not suitable for the growth of plants.

Do not leave a stub while pruning as an open-end will encourage diseases and an ugly horizontal new growth. Prune just above a bud and a new branch will grow from it. Try to minimize these mistakes while pruning but never skip pruning.

If you want better growth and health for your trees and plants during spring, then dormant pruning is vital for it to happen.

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Main Benefits of Dormant Pruning

  • Proper dormant pruning will help young plants and trees develop an attractive and strong structure.

When a tree receives great structural pruning during its young years, you will need to do less pruning when it matures. If you skip pruning, you may end up with an ugly, overgrown tree.

  • Through dormant pruning, you will be able to remove dead, unwanted, weak, and broken branches from your plants and trees.

This may sound extra, but it is vital because falling branches from a weak tree may cause damage to your property or even injure someone.

  • In many cases, people have a good view of the surroundings from their window or deck, but the big branches of the trees may block the view.

Proper pruning in the dormant season can help you remove just the blocking branches so that you can enjoy the view without cutting or harming any tree.

  • Plants and trees that undergo proper pruning will always have a longer life than other ones. Dormant pruning will enhance their defence against storms, heavy rainfall, and snow.

Branches that cross together should be removed to make the tree healthier and increase its longevity.

  • While pruning, you can thin the branches that make up most of a tree’s mass. This will enhance air circulation and keep the diseases away. If you skip this process, the tree is vulnerable to diseases and insect damage.


We all love to keep our garden attractive and the plants and trees in it healthy and attractive. However, this doesn’t happen automatically, and you will have to work to keep your garden in the best shape.

In the above blog, we learned about dormant pruning and its importance and benefits for trees and plants.

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