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Building a House: Understanding the New Home Building Process

Interested in building a brand-new home from scratch?

One of the first things you’re going to want to do before you begin the new home building process is come up with a budget for your house. It’ll help you steer clear of spending more than you can afford to own a new home.

On average, it costs people almost $300,000 to bring a new home to life. But you can figure out a way to spend a lot less or a lot more than that depending on what your budget is and what you want out of a house.

There are also a bunch of other steps to building a house that you should follow once your budget is in place. By learning how to build a house from start to finish in the right way, you can eliminate stress and frustration from the equation throughout the new home building process.

image - Building a House: Understanding the New Home Building Process
Building a House: Understanding the New Home Building Process

Here are tips for building a house that will make the process so much simpler and more enjoyable for you.

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Find the Best Place to Build Your New Home

“Location, location, location” is a phrase that you’re going to hear early and often when it comes to real estate. It alludes to the fact that location is always the most important aspect of any piece of residential or commercial real estate.

You can take the time to build the best new house in the entire world. But if it’s not situated in the right spot, it could all be for naught. You won’t love it as much as you could—and it might not be worth as much as it should.

With this in mind, it’s incredibly important for you to find the best place to build the home that you’re planning to build. This is going to get your new home building process off the ground and ensure that you love the location of your house when it’s all finished.

If possible, you should try to position your home in a place with an up-and-coming real estate market. It’ll guarantee that your home goes up in value in the years to come.

Decide What Kind of Home You Want to Build

In addition to trying to find the ideal location for your home at the start of the new home building process, you should also sit down and try to figure out what kind of home you want to build.

There are literally dozens of different architectural styles that you can pick from when building a house.

Some of your options will include:

  • Ranch
  • Cape Cod
  • Art Deco
  • Contemporary
  • Craftsman
  • Colonial
  • Midcentury Modern

You don’t want to call on a home builder and ask for help with building a home before you have some general idea as far as what kind of home you want.

It’ll help them bring your vision to life when you know exactly what you want a home to look and feel like from the start.

Hire a Reputable Home Builder to Handle Creating Your New Home

Unless you have experience working as a general contractor and know everything there is to know about how to build a house, you’re going to need to hire a home builder to help you create your new home.

The good news is that you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one.

There are more than 30,000 general contractors capable of building single-family homes throughout the U.S. That means that there are sure to be at least a few good options in your city or town.

Your goal should be to look around for the best general contractor for the job. The home builder that you decide to hire should have the following qualities:

  • Experienced
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Affordable
  • Creative
  • Hard-working
  • Determined
  • Punctual

The home builder that you settle on should also have excellent working relationships with other companies in the area that might be able to help them create your new house.

If they need to find, say, expert roofers, they should be able to find them in no time at all.

Put Together Designs for Your New Home

Once you’ve landed on a home builder that you love, then and only then will you be 100% ready to start putting together the actual designs for your home. You can piece together a house that you love inside and out with assistance from your home builder.

Your home builder should kick things off by asking you what you want your new home to be like. They should then be able to take all your ideas and start generating sample designs for your new house.

You can check out what your home builder is able to come up with and make suggestions on how to improve their initial designs. You can also present any new ideas that you might have based on what they’ve been able to come up with thus far.

This part of the new home building process can be relatively long and tedious. You and your home builder are going to have to go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth again until you land on designs that you both love and can pull off.

All your hard work will be worth it in the end, though. You’ll find the right design for your home so that your home builder can create final blueprints for it.

Pick Out the Materials You Want to Use to Build Your New Home

Outside of figuring out what the final design of your home is going to look like, you and your home builder are also going to have to collaborate to figure out which materials you’re going to have on both the interior and exterior of your new house.

As you might expect, there are so many materials that you can choose from for your new home.

This portion of the new home building process can be overwhelming for a lot of people. They want to pick and choose each and every aspect of their new home, but they don’t always have the patience to do it.

It’s why you might want to think about which materials you’ll use to build your new house long before you begin working with a home builder. It’ll be nice to know:

  • What kind of roof you want to put on your house
  • Which type of siding you want to install on your home
  • How many windows and doors you want in your house and which brand you trust to make them
  • Which kind of flooring you want throughout your home
  • What materials you want to use to make countertops for your kitchen and bathrooms

The perfect home design isn’t going to look so perfect without the right materials in place. You and your home builder will need to work your way through the painstaking process of picking out every single material that will be used in your home.

Break Ground on Your New Home

After you’ve done all the other things that we’ve mentioned here, it’ll be time for you to sit back and watch your home builder get to work. They’ll order all of the materials that they’ll need to build your home and start preparing your land for your new house.

Oftentimes, home builders will need to bring in a bunch of heavy equipment to get your parcel of land prepared for your house. They’ll clear the land off, level it, and put down a foundation on which to build your new home.

They’ll then start to put your new house together one piece at a time from the ground up. As long as you’ve done the proper planning, things should start to fall in line sooner than later.

Communicate With Your Home Builder Throughout the New Home Building Process

A home builder isn’t going to be able to create your dream home from scratch overnight. In fact, it takes most home builders about 7 months on average to finish a new house.

You’re going to feel anxious for a lot of this time and wonder how things are going. You shouldn’t bother your home builder too much, but you should communicate with them on a regular basis about the new home building process.

If you’ve picked the right home builder, they’ll be happy to keep you updated on the progress that they’ve made. They’ll also alert you to any issues they encounter on the early side so that you’re aware of what’s going on at all times.

Begin Building Your Dream Home Today

You’ve put yourself into a position to build yourself your own house. Take advantage of this by getting a good understanding of the new home building process so that you’re able to make your new house your dream home.

Keep everything that we’ve talked about today in the back of your mind while building a home. It’ll make you feel better about how everything is going and keep your project on track.

Check out the other articles on our blog to get more useful tips on building a new home.

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