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Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Commercial Landscape Contractor

You don’t have the time or the money to maintain a crew of onsite grounds, so you make the rational option and employ a commercial landscape service. It’s financially smart to contract out, but there are other added benefits!

Hiring a third-party company simplifies the line of communication, offers transparency for a single source, and provides the value of making an additional company claim an equivalent investment in the state of the appearance of your land.

What is there not to love?

image - Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Commercial Landscape Contractor
Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Commercial Landscape Contractor

Immediately after hiring a commercial landscape service, you consider your decision to be something of a no-brainer… then it happens. You are overwhelmed by your very knowledgeable, highly recommended landscape company and things start to slip.

There is a lot to consider before hiring commercial landscape services.

Are They Professional?

Many businesses say that they are best for lawn and landscape maintenance, but that doesn’t mean that they have the expertise and facilities to do the job correctly.

Professionals give you peace of mind because they have the experience under their belt and are knowledgeable on all existing best practices and standards.

Look for a licensed landscape architect or a certified landscape designer if you are planning a big landscaping project. Training and practical knowledge cover everything from the creation of initial designs, to scale models and the choice of plants and materials.

They are also related to professional contractors whose work complies with local and state codes and guidelines.

All programs, of course, entail juggling costs, service, and efficiency. Just because a business is small, does not mean that they do not have the skills needed to finish the job.

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Capacity to Service

Hunting for a business that can meet your needs can depend on the size of the property’s land, venue, and professional usage.

To meet your standards, is the service provider equipped with the requisite manpower and equipment? Does this landscape contractor already manage commercial properties that are similar? And… depending on the company’s seasonality… is this company qualified and able to handle all four seasons’ needs?

Seeing is believing also. If you’re not completely sure, ask the landscape service for a few customer phone numbers and company addresses as professional references.

Take a look at these properties and reach out to them. Be sure to ask these clients what they are most pleased with about their commercial landscape operation, and what they are most disappointed with.


There are two items suggested by a lawn and landscape maintenance service that actively maintains a safety record: whether or not they are actively committed to operational safety and how they will deliver their services on your property.

Asking for any reports of staff or property harm that has occurred in the past is smart. Bear in mind, a safety record must be held by businesses that complete large-scale jobs. And let’s be frank, openness in operations is synonymous with trustworthiness.

You may also challenge the commercial landscape service’s procedure for recruiting employees while considering protection.

Are applicants expected to undergo tests and background checks for pre-employment drug screening? Companies who consistently look for individuals with integrity usually encounter fewer accidents on the job.

Audit Service

Why shouldn’t your commercial landscape specialist have a complete quality control system in place? To enforce transparency, routine service audits are required and important for reliable results to be produced.

Ask the following questions while interviewing a commercial landscape service:

Will there be a representative of the account coming to check the grounds regularly? How periodically?

This is particularly crucial. A business that promotes cooperation and takes pride in its service will often cost less in the long-run.

To qualify a property as well-maintained, what criteria does your company use? There are a number of different quality measurement criteria, so it is important to be consistent about what your goals are.

If the requirements expressed match with what is delivered by the landscape contractor, then there should be little margin for error.

What processes are in place to address problems that might occur, and most importantly?

The Value of the Company

There is a more fundamental question to ask, besides qualifications, protection, and operational ability. Do this service provider’s standards match your own? It may seem superfluous, but it is a significant topic that is linked to branding.

A local company that employs another local company mistakenly associates the name with it. No one wants to preserve their positive business during rush hour. It gives your future clients a mixed message about how committed you are to your own beliefs.


We hope that our guide can enable you to differentiate from the rest of the high-quality reputable lawn and landscape maintenance service businesses. Happy hunting in the meantime!

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