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Landscape Layouts 101: 5 Gorgeous Ideas for Your Yard

For many homeowners, they dedicate their time to making the inside of their home design worthy. They paint, wallpaper, decorate to create rooms that are comfortable and homey.

Now, many homeowners are realizing how they can extend their living space by creating landscape layouts to maximize their outdoor spaces.

image - Landscape Layouts 101: 5 Gorgeous Ideas for Your Yard
Landscape Layouts 101: 5 Gorgeous Ideas for Your Yard

Are you interested in making your outdoor space as interesting as your indoor space? Read on for landscape layout ideas you can use for your home and yard.

1. Garden Space

There are many benefits to gardening beyond just creating a beautiful yard. Landscape designers like Franz Witte can help you create garden spaces that are both useful and beautiful too.

The benefit of working with a designer is they can tailor the garden space so it matches the aesthetics of your home. If your home has a cottage feel, then a side yard English garden might be just the thing.

If you are more Mid-Century modern, your designer can create a cleaner line with raised beds and structural plantings.

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2. Trees for Shade

No matter your landscape situation, there are some real benefits to thinking about adding trees. The trees you add to your yard can be decorative or provide shade.

Decorative trees can add flowers in the spring and fall colors. They can also be a part of your landscape design working with other shrubs and bushes.

Trees that grow large and offer shade can make your yard more comfortable over time. There are even some economic benefits to keeping your home shaded when it’s hot outside.

3. Outdoor Living

A big trend in landscape design in creating spaces that you can use for outdoor living. Whether that is a covered porch, terrace, patio, or deck, they extend your living space.

You can even create outdoor kitchens for cooking during warm weather and family gatherings.

He sheds or she sheds can become part of your landscape aesthetic and give your hobby or office space separate from your home.

4. Hardscape Features

One of the nicest ways to create an interesting yard is by using some hardscape features as part of your design. You can use boulders for retaining walls or limestone slabs for steps and walkways.

If you don’t have a perfectly flat yard, how about using some hardscape features by hardscaping Seattle to create a terraced yard. It not only addresses slope but it makes it more interesting too.

Hardscape materials include:

  • Bricks
  • Rocks
  • Concrete slabs
  • Wood

Using these items to add natural elements and create landscape features in your front and backyard.

5. Ornamental Shrubs and Bushes

The plant life you choose for your yard can help to add color, shade, and texture to your outdoor spaces. There are more to shrubs than just those round green shapes of the past.

Look for shrubs that can add color features through different seasons. Consider the shapes they added to your space too.

Landscape Layouts to Make Your Yard Shine

When you take the time to consider your landscape layouts, you can create a yard that adds to the design and living space your home offers.

For more landscape design ideas and to read more articles like this one, visit our page often.

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