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9 Tips to Avoid Otherwise Unnecessary Deck Repair in Overland Park

If you have a wood deck outside your home, you will eventually need deck repair in Overland Park! No matter the wood species were chosen or how well you maintain it, wood eventually softens and suffers rot and chips due to age and exposure, so that boards and rails will need repair or replacement after so many years.

However, the way you maintain that deck also affects its overall lifespan. Proper maintenance can extend the life of a deck and allow you to enjoy a comfortable, inviting space for years before you need to schedule repairs or invest in a new deck altogether.

image - 9 Tips to Avoid Otherwise Unnecessary Deck Repair in Overland Park
9 Tips to Avoid Otherwise Unnecessary Deck Repair in Overland Park

Check out 9 simple tips for keeping your outdoor deck in good condition and avoiding otherwise unnecessary deck repair in Overland Park.

1. Protect the Wood to Avoid Repeated Deck Repair in Overland Park

Never overlook needed refinishing and sealing for wood decks! Sealant adds a layer of protection between wood and outside weather, harsh sunlight, and other wear and tear, but eventually wears away or degrades.

Fresh sealant provides protection for wood throughout the year, helping to avoid premature and repeated deck repair.

Staining and painting are not the same as a sealant but these coatings can provide more protection than leaving wood exposed.

If you notice faded paint or stain along with your home’s decking, strip and reapply those coatings as needed, for added protection against damage.

2. Keep Grass Under the Deck Trimmed

Grass and weeds growing under a wood deck hold moisture against the wood, risking premature rot and other damage.

Overly tall, thick grasses and other vegetation don’t allow for adequate air circulation along those deck boards and rails.

If you cannot reach the grass under the deck with a mower or trimmer, consider adding gravel or another covering to stifle vegetation growth.

This can protect that deck from damage and keep wood in good condition, and reduce the work and maintenance needed throughout the year!

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3. Ensure Proper Air Circulation Around the Deck

When wood absorbs moisture, it tends to rot and then chip or crack. Moisture also encourages damaging mold growth! Proper air circulation around a wood deck helps to reduce trapped moisture.

Along with keeping grass under the deck trimmed, as mentioned, keep the deck swept and rotate the placement of furniture, plants, rugs, and other such features.

This will allow for more airflow between boards and reduce the risk of wood damage and mold.

4. Keep the Wood Dry to Avoid Unnecessary Deck Repair in Overland Park

Along with proper air circulation around the deck, it’s also vital to remove standing water as much as possible, and as soon as possible after storms move through the area.

Invest in a high-quality outdoor broom with rubber bristled and use it to brush away standing water after rainstorms or springtime thaw.

This will help keep deck wood dry and reduce the risk of wood rot and mold.

5. Check Deck Footing for Needed Repairs

Deck beams and posts are typically installed in concrete footers, to keep them in place and avoid water damage.

As with any other building material, concrete can break down over time, suffering chips, cracks, and spalling.

As concrete breaks down those posts and beams can then shift and settle, pulling on deck boards.

Check that footing at least once a year for signs of damage and needed repairs, to keep the deck in good condition as well.

6. Check Connectors and Plates for Rust and Corrosion

Your wood deck is probably connected to the house or garage with plates and bolts. Beams and other pieces are also typically connected to each other with metal plates, bolts, screws, and other such pieces.

Because these pieces are metal, they can rust and corrode over time. That rust allows those pieces to pull away from each other, putting pressure on the deck boards.

That corrosion can also spread to the wood, risking rot and other damage. Check these plates at least annually and have them replaced as needed, to avoid otherwise unnecessary deck repair.

7. Keep the Deck Clean

Deck wood typically absorbs water and other fluids quickly, risking wood rot and other damage.

Damp debris such as leaves, moss, sand, silt, and mud can also encourage rot and mold growth.

Failing to keep the deck clean can mean the risk of stains as well as premature damage, so sweep it as needed and invest in regular deck pressure washing every year as well.

8. Make Repairs Quickly

When a deck board, post, or other piece splits or weakens, this puts pressure on surrounding decking.

In turn, that decking might shift, pull away from the connectors, or need repair or replacing. Repairing deck pieces at the first sign of damage, including removing mold and filling in cracks and holes, keeps decking strong and helps avoid otherwise avoidable damage.

9. Avoid DIY Deck Repair in Overland Park!

One of the best things you can do to avoid otherwise unnecessary deck repair in Overland Park is to avoid DIY fixes and maintenance.

Using the wrong bolts and connectors when replacing deck beams and posts, not using the right wood species, installing boards too close together so that you cut off airflow, and other such simple mistakes can mean severe deck damage down the road.

Avoiding DIY deck repair can also include leaving pressure washing, staining, sealing, and other such maintenance work to the pros as well!

Improper power washing techniques can etch and scratch wood, leaving openings that trap water and allow for rot and mold growth.

Sanding too much wood in preparation for a new sealant or stain, or using the wrong products for your wood species can also mean otherwise avoidable or unnecessary deck repair in Overland Park.

A deck repair company will know the best tools and techniques for proper sanding and the best products for staining, painting, and sealing the wood.

Their expertise is an excellent investment as it will mean a stunning deck space and one in good repair for many years to come!

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