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Tips to Consider When Designing your Dream Backyard

Now with summer looming just around the corner, the backyard is undoubtedly where we all want to be.

This is because of the feel of air, beautiful and calming sounds of nature, and scenic view of the outdoors, that’s if you have a backyard, to begin with! Designing your dream backyard isn’t a farfetched dream but one that needs extensive research and careful planning.

You also don’t need to break the bank to turn your outdoor space into an eye-popping, fully functional, and luxurious space, and below are some must-have tips;

image - Tips to Consider When Designing your Dream Backyard
Tips to Consider When Designing your Dream Backyard

Consider Layout and Placement

Regardless of the available space, comfort and utility are among the most important qualities to consider when designing your backyard.

Tastes and styles differ, trends go out of fashion but the comfort that comes from sprucing up your backyard is what makes people spend a lot of time there.

As one demarcated the layout of the backyard, it’s vital to set different zones for the various activities that you have in mind.

You can mark the boundaries and location for the outdoor dining area, fire pit, water features, TV and the list goes on.

When marking off the zones, take care to ensure pathways and fence allocation.

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Right Furniture Setup

Quality outdoor furniture brings comfort and function to your backyard. It simply allows for your indoor rooms to move outdoors.

Unlike your regular furniture, the right kind of furniture is needed for this area due to the harsh climatic conditions that summer and winter might bring.

Mohd furniture is a popular online store that brings a touch of elegance to your backyard with a versatile selection of outdoor furniture and accessories such as loungers, tables, ottomans, rugs, and much more from iconic design brands such as Hay.

Mohd offer for Hay furniture is to create contemporary design pieces that are fashionable and aesthetically pleasing.

Lighting is Key

Lighting plays an important role especially at night when creating the right mood and ambiance.

Lighting is Key

Light instantly amplifies the decor of any space while also highlighting the features that need to be seen such as walkways, grilling areas, dining areas, and staircases.

For the seating area, a hanging light pendant fixture can look impeccable while installing some accent lights under the gazebo can make it pop.

Bring in Nature

Whatever space you have for your backyard, don’t feel compelled to fill it with furniture.

Having a garden in your backyard can be the perfect way to escape your thoughts and have some rest and peace of mind.

Greenery has plenty of benefits not just in our health and well-being. It facilitates water management, reduces the effects of noise pollution, and helps to raise the property value.

Consider adding specially designed seating areas made from materials like stone, brick, or wood for that wow factor with seat cushions to coordinate the overall theme of the home.

Feature Statement Features

Extend your outdoor entertaining space by adding a statement feature such as a fire pit or a water fountain.

Bonfires are a great way of family and friends bonding over barbecued marshmallows.

One could install custom-sized benches with cushions or loungers next to the fire as they catch up on their favorite book or snuggle with their partner.

A water feature enhances the ambiance by bringing that gentle sound close to home.