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Classical Garden Statues: Style and Sophistication in Your Backyard

Art comes in many different shapes, forms, sizes, mediums, and so on. However, a true art connoisseur and lover knows how to appreciate the different versions of art equally and more importantly, how to properly incorporate them into their home.

We all crave a little bit of art in our living space, both for aesthetic purposes and for pleasure alike, as looking at art has been known to calm us down, help us relax, and overall enrich the space we live in, giving it a fuller, more pleasant and homely look.

image - Classical Garden Statues: Style and Sophistication in Your Backyard
Classical Garden Statues: Style and Sophistication in Your Backyard

When it comes to the art used indoors, many of us opt for paintings and small statues or installations to fill in the bare walls and spare spaces, but what happens when it comes to the outside? You can’t exactly hang a framed painting in your backyard, so what’s the solution?

Well, the most simple and most beautiful solution comes in the form of garden statues. To be more precise, classical garden statues.

Classic statues are the perfect way to turn your backyard from regular into something straight out of Ancient Greece or Rome and revel in the luscious beauty they give off.

A sense of style and unmistakable sophistication just oozes out of these classic sculptures, so if you’re a fan, I’m here to help you figure out which style would be best for you, what materials will last longer, and finally, where to place your classical sculpture to create the perfect focal point within your backyard.

Pick Out a Statue Style That You’ll Love Looking At

image - Pick Out a Statue Style That You'll Love Looking At

When it comes to style, there are a few different choices. Depending on what you like, you can buy classical garden statues that resemble and follow either Greek or Roman ways of sculpting.

The differences between the two aren’t that great, but they’re still noticeable, especially to the refined eye.

Greek statues are more about sensuality, expressing the shape of the bodies which are represented, giving off a sort of soft, love-filled vibe that works very well within backyards of homes following decor styles that are detailed and rich in character.

Roman statues, on the other hand, can have more military-inspired motifs, even though they also like to follow the line of the body and express the beauty and sensuality of it.

If you ask me, I find Greek statues to be a bit finer than Roman ones in terms of craftsmanship and details like transparency, layering, and so on, so if you’re a fan of such things, a Greek statue will work wonderfully well within your backyard.

Finally, the main difference between Greek and Roman statues are the deities depicted. Obviously, Greek gods and goddesses are the themes of the Greek statues, while Roman ones are the inspiration behind the others.

Bear in mind that either way you go, a classical sculpture is still a classical sculpture and nudity is no stranger, so if you’re not comfortable with something like that, a more modern statue might be a better fit!

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Materials Can Influence Both the Longevity and Look of Your Statue

image - Materials Can Influence Both the Longevity and Look of Your Statue

When it comes to the materials they’re made out of, you have a few choices. You can go with bronze, stone, or marble.

Bronze statues give off a very olden, weathered look that might be amazing for places with a lot of rain and moisture that can cause damage to delicate materials.

Also excellent for summer homes in the mountains, these statues will deliver a complete blast from the past right into your backyard.

Shaded with a little bit of orange, they are really masterpieces in their own category.

Stone classical statues offer a lighter look than bronze ones do, with a more of greyish tint and details that are more coarse and defined, not as sleek.

These statues are perfect for homes in the country as well as mid-century builds that give off that sense of elegance by themselves.

Vintage-themed homes will also love stone statues. Excellent to place in between greenery, their special charm will fill in space.

Finally, we have marble. A true classical statue material, marble offers an almost iridescent experience, intricate detailing, a pearl white colour, and softness the previous two just can’t provide.

Excellent for minimal and modern homes, these statues will bring the past and the future together and tie them up nicely, leaving you with quite a unique decor you won’t regret putting together.

Find the Perfect Spot to Showcase It

image - Find the Perfect Spot to Showcase It

Placement depends heavily on how big your backyard is and what effect you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re infatuated by archaeological sites where statues can be seen everywhere and you have a big backyard, you can recreate that unique, spectacular look by placing sculptures all around, but not without order.

On the contrary, try to place them where it makes sense, where something is already happening.

Maybe you have a fountain, then a sitting area, then a flower garden. These are all excellent places to position your classical sculptures and highlight the most beautiful parts of your yard.

If you have a smaller yard or you want to bring attention to one place, in particular, get one statue and place it in the middle of the place you want to draw the eye too.

This can be anything, from a sitting area to a garden to a pool, all you really need is your imagination.

Either way, you choose to go, don’t forget that expressing your individuality and love for unique art is at the very core of this whole ordeal, so if you want to break some rules – go ahead!

After all, there are no Ancient Romans or Greeks around to tell you exactly what you need to do!