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Tips for Converting Broken Hotels into Housing or Shelter – Maxwell Drever

With the break of COVID-19, international and national organizations have taken extraordinary measures for curtailing the spread of the disease.

By imposing lockdown, social distancing norms, and restricting travel. Multiple factors have affected every sector of the economy. The hospitality sector is no exception in this regard.

The hotels and resorts have also been affected drastically. However, one exciting thing has taken place amid the chaos.

That is the transformation of the hotel into affordable houses or shelters for the middle-income groups. Hence, affordable workforce housing has now become the need of the hour.

Efforts have been made all across the globe to provide vulnerable sections of society with affordable and secure housing.

However, the task of transforming a hotel into a home is not an easy one. The act becomes challenging when trying to convert a broken hotel into an emergency shelter.

image - Tips for Converting Broken Hotels into Housing or Shelter - Maxwell Drever
Tips for Converting Broken Hotels into Housing or Shelter – Maxwell Drever

Hotels Taking the Form of an Affordable Housing Estate

The experience of homelessness is something that large sections of the population are facing during Covid-19. The infection has not only affected human health but also their lives in the long run.

It is here that the requirement for emergency housing became clear. Around 30% of individuals all across the globe have suffered from chronic homelessness.

Hence, the hospitality sector and its related agents are making efforts to provide them with permanent housing to live safely.

The quick revamping of the shelter often resulted in unoccupied structures. However, efforts made to coordinate, integrate, and have an optimistic impact on the larger sections of society.

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Transform Hotels into Housing

If you seize a look at discussions all across the Internet, you will see that converting hotels into permanent residences involves multiple factors.

To provide people with equitable and safe housing, hotel owners have made transformations into the existing structure.

Maxwell Drever says the problem aggravated for those who owned broken properties. The conversion of these properties was a challenging task.

However, they tried to pursue different avenues for providing individuals with affordable housing as a developmental strategy. They have been attempting to bypass the deficit and relied on the already built structure.

Although it looks simple, the process is not so. Around $33,000,000 have been spent from emergency funds to provide vulnerable sections with permanent housing.

For transforming the hotels into affordable housing, changes in the existing structure were necessary. It was basically to overcome the flaws and to provide them with a home-like environment.

The hotel owners focused on the emergency requirements, accommodation capacity, electricity availability, and affordable rent.

Hence, the pandemic has started individuals with an important lesson. That is the significance of a home. If these affordable housing estates were not there, providing shelter to these individuals would not have been possible.

Hotel owners have tried to develop different strategies to take a positive step to ensure a better organizational, institutional, and regulatory environment for these individuals. Housing is a very crucial issue in today’s world. Efforts to handle it are imperative.

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