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11 Crystals That Can Attract Positive Energy for Your Home

Today, crystals in various forms have become a must-have for many homeowners. But it’s more than just a decorative element.

Crystals have been mainstays for many groups that believe in the former’s powers for a long time, and there’s been a rise in popularity recently.

Since crystals originate from the earth, some people believe they provide grounding and healing energy.

In these chaotic times, having a haven where you can unwind and recharge with positive and uplifting energy is an advantage. Your home is that haven and space of nurturing, through all the good and the bad.

And with crystals, you’d be able to build on with a protective aura and an inspirational ambiance.

image - 11 Crystals That Can Attract Positive Energy for Your Home
11 Crystals That Can Attract Positive Energy for Your Home

With the help of crystals, you could create protective boundaries, minimize negative energy, and establish a space with calmness, love, and a creative spirit.

If you’re eager to learn more about crystals, checking out wholesale crystals online would greatly help. With that in mind, here are several crystals worth bringing home:

1. Rose Quartz

Throughout the years, rose quartz is synonymous with love. The stone possesses soothing energy and helps in manifesting unconditional love between partners.

The stone is believed to open up the heart chakra and encourages forgiveness of others and yourself.

If you want to stabilize your marriage and attract positivity in your home, position the stone in the southwest area of your bedroom.

Additionally, rose quartz can help in reducing negative energy and lowering the frequency of nightmares in children.

2. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is the ideal stone to dispel negative energy. It’s best to position the stone near the entrance of your home. Black tourmaline will ensure your home has a light and positive vibe.

3. Amethyst

If you want a stone to alleviate anxiety and stress, amethyst is worth investing in. Amethyst is a spiritual stone believed to aid in opening the third eye and establishing a connection with your intuition.

You can keep the stone nearby on your bedside table or beneath your pillow to promote healing.

4. Selenite

Selenite is a handy stone that promotes calmness and tranquility while also capable of charging other crystals.

You can position the stone by your bedside table or windowsill to keep negative energy away.

You might be able to find a selenite crystal lamp that provides a cozy ambiance in any room at night.

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5. Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is thought to be a boosting stone, particularly for both your health and your heart.

A crystal tree made of green aventurine at your console table or work desk can help boost prosperity.

Aventurine can help you in overcoming feelings of self-doubt and encourages optimism. If you had a stressful day at work, having the stone in your bedroom can help calm your mind.

6. Labradorite

Labradorite is known for its mystical properties and is an excellent addition to your home.

The stone is effective in establishing a deeper relationship with your inner self while also nurturing clear communication.

Having this stone in your home will encourage everyone to express themselves without restriction freely.

7. Pyrite

If you want to attract prosperity in your home, you should place pyrite on your work desk. You can also bring the stone wherever you go inside your wallet.


When placing pyrite in your home, it’ll come in handy in driving away negative energy and readily welcomes abundance, good luck, and a positive sense of wellbeing.

8. Bloodstone

As an energizing stone, bloodstone can significantly help in keeping you motivated to achieve your goals.

Place the stone on your work desk or home office to boost your drive and fuel your enthusiasm.

9. Shungite

If you haven’t heard about shungite before, it’s a rare black stone with high carbon content.

Others believe the stone is capable of absorbing and neutralizing electromagnetic radiation from various devices.

When working from home, place the stone on your desk to calm the surrounding energies, especially if you’re using a computer, phone, or another electronic device.

Additionally, shungite also possesses cleansing properties. If you have pure shungite, you can use it to purify your drinking water.

10. Citrine

Among the available crystals in the market, citrine is famous for the positive vibes it provides.

As a stone of light and happiness, possessing one will serve as a reminder to appreciate what you have at present.

The stone is an excellent addition to your home since it encourages everyone to stay positive and face life with gratitude.

11. Black Obsidian

As a protection stone, position black obsidian in all the corners of a room. You can also place the stone at the entrance of your house together with black tourmaline to boost the protective energy.


Crystals today are sought after for their aesthetic beauty and the beneficial energies they provide. As such, these stones are ideal in establishing an inviting and secure space for your family.

When there’s negativity at home, what once was a safe space could become an undesirable area for everyone.

By adding these crystals to your home, you could effectively attract positive energy that’ll make your home truly a haven for your family.

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