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Expert Tips on Getting Your Choice of a Plumber Right the First Time

Every plumbing problem right from a clogged drain to a leaking faucet or malfunctioning water heater seems to become an emergency the minute it is discovered.

This makes it imperative to choose a competent and reliable plumber well in time.

image - Expert Tips on Getting Your Choice of a Plumber Right the First Time
Expert Tips on Getting Your Choice of a Plumber Right the First Time

Picking the right plumber will also give you peace of mind because you know the job will be handled professionally and you will not be overcharged or charged for unnecessary work.

Some tips on choosing the right plumber:

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Verify the License, Certification, and Insurance

The first thing you should do in the process of approving a plumber is to check whether he has a valid license to operate in the state and whether he is professionally certified, and most importantly if he is insured.

The license will establish the legality, while the certification will vouch for his competency.

Additionally, making sure the plumber is insured is important as otherwise in case of an accident while he is at work in your home, you will be held liable.

As per http://edition.cnn.com, the plumber should have a minimum of 500,000 liability insurance in addition to a valid workers’ compensation policy.

Background Checks

In case you are considering a plumbing company, go over thoroughly all the details on their website, including details of their accreditation.

Also, visit plumbing review sites and online resources like Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp, etc. to find out what other customers have been saying about their services.

There are sure to be a few negative reviews but as long as most of the feedback is positive, you should be okay.

Getting referrals from family and friends is also a good way of choosing a reliable Plumber Auckland.

If you are looking at plumbing companies, you can ask for referrals of their existing customers that you can check with regarding their experience.

Emergency Availability

Since plumbing incidents do not wait for a convenient time to happen, you need to check if the plumber you are considering hiring will attend to emergencies regardless of the time.

This is vital since, if a pipe suddenly bursts late evening, you will not have the luxury of being able to wait till the start of business hours before a plumber attends to it.

Before deciding on a plumber, you should specifically inquire regarding their emergency service policy.

It is important to not only know the time they will attend to calls and whether any special charges apply to after-normal-business-hours services.

Ability to Provide Accurate Estimates

You should be able to get an accurate estimate before the plumber takes on any job. The estimate should clearly mention the cost of the parts and their service charges separately.

This clarity will help you to avoid nasty surprises in the bill once the job is complete.


Apart from professional competence and readiness to provide emergency service, one of the most important factors for hiring a plumber is his readiness to serve with a smile.

There can be nothing better than a plumber who has the patience to hear you out and then work out an optimal solution. After all, you need to completely trust someone you are allowing into your home.