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Common Residential Plumbing Problems: What are they?

In every home, there is a common problem and one of these is with plumbing. Every homeowner or those people who rent a house call a professional to fix whatever the plumbing issue is.

Common Residential Plumbing Problems: What are they
Common Residential Plumbing Problems: What are they?

Common Residential Plumbing Problems

Here we have listed down some of the most common residential plumbing problems that many have already experienced in their home.

Low Water Pressure

Once that you are experiencing that you water that flows on your faucet or shower is just a trickle instead of a gush, then this means that you have low water pressure. This problem has nothing to do with your pipes but instead, it has something to do with your water supply. One common reason for a low water pressure is when there is a debris or dirt build-up or some sediments in the faucet aerators.

This problem is very much annoying most especially if you are taking a shower or you are actually washing dirty dishes in the kitchen.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes can become a danger in the plumbing problems. This is because many people would not recognize it immediately until the leak is already severe. In the entire household, the sink and the bathroom are the most common area that can get leaks because these are the most used areas in the house.

For you to be able to prevent leaky pipes in your house, it is always best that you get a plumber to inspect all your pipes. This is because these leaks can become costly. Leaks on your pipes usually take place at the joints and for you to fix this, you may need to contact an expert.

Dripping Faucet

Having a dripping faucet may affect your water bill because this can produce gallons of water every year if this continues.

Dripping Faucet - Common Residential Plumbing Problems
Dripping Faucet (Common Residential Plumbing Problems)

In some worst cases, this kind of problem can greatly affect the plumbing in your home and its overall structure. Though dripping faucets are one of the most common residential plumbing, you will still need help from a plumbing expert most of the time.

Clogged and Slow Drain

Once you are experiencing the water on your sink, your toilet on in your tub does not go out, then you are having a partial or complete clogged drain. If this is your case, the thing that you will need is a plunger because this can use air pressure that un-clog your sink. Also, there are some drain cleaners that you can use to fix this kind of problem. However, there are some cases that using drain cleaners can affect and damage your pipe if you use it often.

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Running Toilet

This is the case wherein water continuously flows in your toilet because the flapper valve is already loose and does not fit properly anymore. Having this kind of problem in your household can also cause your water bill to get high.

If you already have tried replacing the necessary materials that need to be replaced and it does not fix this kind of problem, then there may be some dirt or sediments that might be affecting your filling and the proper flushing of your toilet.

Issues with Hot Water

Issues with Hot Water - Common Residential Plumbing Problems
Hot Water Issues (Common Residential Plumbing Problems)

This kind of issue is actually one of the most common residential plumbing problems why homeowners call a plumbing service as it is considered to be a and urgent case.

Remedies That You Can Do to Fix Plumbing Problems

  1. Before performing any kind of repair, make sure that you turn off your water main source.
  2. Plumbing repair and maintenance can be very messy so make sure that you wear the right dress.
  3. Make sure that you have saved a number of a professional plumber in case that you are not able to fix whatever problem that you have.
  4. If you are going to change any plumbing material in your household, make sure that you bring those materials that need to be replaced for you to be able to get the accurate size like the one you are going to replace.

Reasons Why You Need to Contact a Professional Plumber or a Plumbing Service

Other problems aside from the things that are mentioned above can be very complicated for you to handle. With this, you should contact a professional to help you fix the plumbing problem in your house. You can call a professional because of these possible reasons.

  1. If you would want to install a new sink, pipes, or tubs.
  2. If you have a problem with your hot water.
  3. And if you want to make a new construction that needs to have a building permit.
  4. Leak on your septic tank.
  5. A leak on your sewer or a line break.

At some point, some plumbing professionals like gmplumbingcorporation.com will resolve any leaks or clogs on some houses most especially if it is an old house.

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