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6 Tips to Help You Avoid Laundry Pile-Up

Hands up if you have ever smelt your t-shirt or jeans to determine if it was dirty or not. Most people are guilty of this habit, even those who use Laundromat in Sparks. Washing clothes is a task many of us find challenging. The task becomes daunting as the clothes pile up.

Understandably, we are extremely busy individuals, and we don’t have time for most things. Let alone washing.

image - 6 Tips to Help You Avoid Laundry Pile-Up
6 Tips to Help You Avoid Laundry Pile-Up

We’re always in a rush to do something else. But forming good laundry habits can help keep our clothes clean even as we rush to various tasks.

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1. Learn to Return Your Clothes to The Closet Immediately

Sometimes as you prepare yourself for work in the morning, you can pick up a shirt, try it on, then decide not to wear it. The shirt ends up on your floor. Or it ends up on your bed, or back of a seat as you hurry to get going.

The day’s activities will make you forget about the dress on the floor. The shirt then ends up being mixed with other dirty clothes.

Forming the habit of replacing items where you found them immediately can help you keep your laundry pile sorted. If you don’t feel a dress after trying it on, return it directly inside the closet.

2. Don’t Wash on The First Wear

You might think that this is a bit of very uncouth advice but hear me out first. When you put on that Sunday dress, wear it to church, come back and change, do you think the dress is dirty?

If you determine dirt by the smell of cloth, the only scent is from your body odor and perfume or cologne you used.

You can still wear the dress again for another occasion before washing. Furthermore, your dress won’t quickly fade or wear out as it does with constant washing.

3. Schedule Your Laundry Day or Days

Like all other household chores, you need to schedule a time to wash your dirty clothes. Otherwise, you won’t get it done. When you decide to do your washing on weekends, keep to it no matter what.

For single people, especially, it’s hard to keep to a schedule. Most of the time, they find better things to do. However, forming the habit of keeping to your timetable can help you get a lot done. It’s not only in our careers that we have to adhere to set plans strictly.

When you commit to doing what you are supposed to at the correct time, even your career will benefit. Once you’ve formed the habit of doing your washing at specific times each week, it will be hard to stop. And in time, you will find you have no challenges keeping your clothes clean and well arranged.

4. Seek Help

If you are a family person, enlisting your children or spouse can go a long way in helping you keep up with the laundry. Even as little help as dropping dirty clothes in the laundry basket is essential. You will save time when you don’t have to go around the house looking for dirty laundry.

Letting each family member put away their clothes after folding also gives you some time to rest or do other chores. Don’t carry the laundry burden yourself when your family members can assist even in simple ways.

5. Clear the Laundry Task the Same Day

Washing your clothes, drying them, then having them sit in a pile for days until you find time to fold shouldn’t be an option. Ensure that you schedule your washing to do everything plus the folding and storing the same day.

If you pile up washed and dried clothes over time, you won’t know the difference between dirty and clean. You may have to resort to smelling them or re-washing everything again.

A pile of clean clothes also gets dirty from dust and frequent touching. So you will add yourself an unnecessary task by piling up dried clothes.

6. Invest in A Laundry Basket That Allows You to Sort Out Your Clothes

These are modern times that come with efficient laundry tools and equipment. You can invest in a laundry sorting basket.

You will have a place to put in your colored clothes, the blacks and greys, and somewhere for the whites. That makes your washing very easy. You only have to toss in a pile once you notice that it is filled up.


Working on your laundry is an effortless task if you just manage the piling clothes. Forming the habit of always placing things in their right places will help you achieve your laundry goals without much effort.

Investing in laundry baskets is also a big help as it will help you sort out your dirty clothes from the clean ones. You also need to have a particular closet or place to put in clothes that you can wear again.

Forming good laundry habits like washing every week if you are alone or have a small family can help you keep up with your laundry.

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