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10 Tips to Make Your Home a Healthy and Happy Place

Did you know the amount of fresh air and light in your home can affect your fertility? Or the gorgeous Himalayan salt nightlights apart from looking gorgeous can alter your mood and deepen your sleep too?

All these seemingly trivial things have a huge role to play in propagating positivity across the house besides improving the life quality of the residents.

Most of us spend nearly half of our lifetimes in the comforting surroundings of our dwellings without knowing that there is a strong correlation between the state of home and wellbeing.

Through this post, we are going to highlight this connection, together with ways of making your house a wholesome and safe place to reside.

Leave the Kitchen Only for Cooking Activity

image - Leave the Kitchen Only for Cooking Activity

If your cooking area has become the core hanging spot of your family, you are likely to consume 15 per cent more during the day.

As per a research study conducted by Professor Brian Wansink from Food Lab at Cornell University, women who are habitual of keeping crisps on the kitchen shelves weighed 8lbs more than their counterparts who didn’t.

In order to address the over-eating problem, the only solution is to keep healthy meals insight. You are free to stash the beans, fruits, grains, pulses in the open, while the unhealthy options are best kept tucked up inside a non-transparent drawer.

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User Smaller-sized Plates

image - User Smaller-sized Plates
Smaller-sized Plates

The bigger the plate is, the lesser the food amount that you perceive in it— so a smaller dish (carrying a small meal) is sure to help you feel more satisfied.

Dish Colour

image - Dish Colour
Dish Colour

The colour of your plate, a soothing ambience created by the Himalayan salt nightlights in the backdrop and the matching colour of your meal is helpful to prevent binge eating: According to the Food Lab, the lack of contrast can contribute to a 22 per cent surge in serving volume.

Avoid the Use of Black-out Blinds

image - Avoid the Use of Black-out Blinds
Black-out Blinds

Are you prone to waking up too soon, leading to the disturbed sleeping patterns? Using black-out shades may sound like an appealing idea to keep the daylight out, but natural sunlight is necessary to maintain the circadian rhythm of your body.

Also, the natural light is responsible for regulating sleep/wake cycles, together with the immunity mechanism, hormones, BP and all other vital functionalities of the brain and body—using subtle-shaded curtains might prove to be a better alternative here.

Himalayan Salt Nightlights

image - Himalayan Salt Nightlights
Himalayan Salt Nightlights

Those designer fluorescent lights can impart a contemporary feel to your house, but having the evening lights too intense can hamper your tendency to fall asleep on your own. Dimming of lighting is necessary so that your body can tune into the day’s natural flow.

You may either invest in low wattage solutions for the dimming effect or go with an all-natural option of Himalayan salt nightlights.

image - Salt Lamp Benefits
Salt Lamp Benefits

Himalayan salt lamps offer stylish and low-intensity lighting set-ups for your homes. These are sculpted from pink Himalayan salt blocks and are presumed to carry several health benefits such as:

  • Reducing pollution in your home
  • Relieve allergies
  • Improve psychological health
  • Aid in regulating sleeping cycles

Making Bed – Declutter the Clutter

image - Making Bed – Declutter the Clutter
Making Bed – Declutter the Clutter

As per a report recently published by National Sleep Foundation, those who have a habit of making the bed, the very moment they get out of it in the morning are 19 per cent more likely to enjoy a better and sound night’s sleep.

There seems to be a strong link between feeling good about where you are sleeping and the quality of sleep.

Adding Colours on Wall

image - Adding Colours on Wall
Adding Colours on Wall

The colour of the walls is known to influence sleep patterns, dietary habits and the moods too. For instance, red is considered as a high arousal colour, which activates the sensations and can spike the heart rate and BP.

On the contrary, calming shades such as cool blue and sea green can bring down the heart rate and frequency of the breathing cycle. So, it is better to keep the wall shades subtle to induce the tranquillity in your surroundings.

Maintain Optimal Temperature

image - Maintain Optimal Temperature
Maintain Optimal Temperature

Apart from installing the Himalayan salt nightlights and painting your bedroom walls in hues of lighter colours, you’ll need the temperature hovering around 65 degrees to enjoy the sound sleep.

Keeping your house a bit on the cooler side is much safer for your health and wellness, besides it can also help you shed a few pounds too— since your body will burn more calories to keep itself warm.

Bring the ‘Greens’ In

image - Bring the 'Greens' In
Bring the ‘Greens’ In

Research from NASA has already proved that house plants can eliminate up to 87 per cent of air pollutants within 24 hours.

The varieties such as snake plant, lily, and focus have also been found to help alleviate throat fatigue and headache symptoms.

Install a Fish Tank

image - Install a Fish Tank
Install a Fish Tank

Not only do aquariums bring down BP and racing heart rate, but they also heighten the sense of satisfaction after watching gorgeous fishes swim in an aquarium—having the gorgeous Himalayan salt nightlights in the backdrop can enhance the ambience further.

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