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6 Tips to Prepare for Your Furnace Inspection

Furnaces are usually out of sight and, therefore, out of mind. But as winter approaches, your furnace should be something you pay attention to. You do not want the cold to come if you have a furnace that isn’t working as it should.

image - 6 Tips to Prepare for Your Furnace Inspection
6 Tips to Prepare for Your Furnace Inspection

While you can easily perform basic maintenance tasks to your furnace such as changing filters, replacing batteries, and adjusting thermostats, there is a lot more that goes on in your furnace. There are problems that only a trained eye can pick up and fix. That’s why scheduling a furnace inspection before the winter sets in is prudent.

Calling in experts such as jenningsheating.com/hudson/ does not, however, mean leaving every single aspect to them. There are things you can do to make sure they can get to work quickly once they do arrive. Here are some tips to prepare for your furnace inspection this winter.

1.  Choose the Right Technician

A furnace inspection is only as dependable as the skill level of the technician who performs it. That’s why choosing the right furnace inspection service for the job is critical. Make sure the technician is appropriately licensed and certified, in addition to possessing significant experience on the job. This means they have the mandate to inspect HVAC systems.

Check out the company’s reputation on major review sites such as the Better Business Bureau and Google My Business. Confirm that they have a physical office – which is a commitment to them being available to their customers.

2.  Clean Debris on and Around the Unit

Make sure your furnace is easily visible and readily accessible. Clear any debris on or around the exterior of the unit. When the technician has a clear view of the unit, they can more quickly pick up problems that are evident from the outside, such as leaks and cracks.

On the same note, avoid wiping the unit clean especially any marks left by leaking fluids. It will make it harder to troubleshoot leaks.

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3.  Clear Areas Around Vents

Depending on your primary reason for requesting a furnace inspection, the technician may need access to furnace vents. Should ensure these areas are clear from clutter and storage items, in case they want to have a look.

Remove any loose items obstructing access to the vents such as clothing, appliances, and furniture. In case you feel it will be too much work moving heavy, bulky objects like large furniture, let the technician know in advance. That way, they can let you know whether they will need access and if moving the items is necessary.

4.  Manage Your Pets

Most people love pets. But even the friendliest of pets can inhibit a technician’s ability to perform their work as needed. Pets could also inadvertently endanger themselves by stepping on areas or items they shouldn’t.

If you have pets, have a plan for them in place before the technician arrives. That may mean having the pets contained in an area of the house that the technician won’t need access to. If that won’t work, consider having your pet being away for the duration the repair person will be around.

5.  Be Present

The furnace technician is often scheduled to visit more than one worksite on any given day. So making sure you are around when they do arrive is important. In any case, you want to have the opportunity to ask questions or respond to questions they may have.

Try to arrange your day so that any errands can be done before or after the technician’s appointment time.

6.  Discuss Costs

Few things can be as unnerving as a bill that is significantly larger than you expected. It is neither in your interest nor the furnace technician’s for you to be unpleasantly surprised by what the inspection will cost you.

Talk to the technician about what the inspection will involve, how much the process is expected to cost, and what your budget is. That way, it will be clear from the get-go whether you are on the same page.

You can expect to pay about $90 for a standard inspection. The actual cost will depend on the size of your furnace system if any repairs are needed, your location, and the time of the year.

You Have a Part to Play

A furnace inspection is a relatively straightforward process. However, it is only as successful as the preparation that goes into it. The technician is likely to be ready to do the work once they arrive. Make sure you also do the necessary groundwork in advance, too.