Dining rooms come in every shape and size. Styles include casual breakfast nooks, formal dining spaces, as well as everything in between.

The most critical element in dining spaces is your chair. Are your designer dining chairs the ideal height for your table?

image - 4 Tips in Purchasing Dining Chairs

4 Tips in Purchasing Dining Chairs

You must also consider if it is comfortable for the entertaining you like to do. You must also check if the fabric is durable.

There are numerous questions to answer before choosing the right one, and this article guides you through the process.

1. The Size of the Dining Chair

Measurement is a critical task when you shop around for furniture, especially when it comes to seating in your dining room.

Eighteen inches is a standard seat height, and a standard table height is 30 inches.

The rule of thumb is you must have an allowance of 12 inches between the top of the designer dining chairs and the bottom of the table.

When you are taking measurements of the size of the fabric dining chairs, be sure to consider the table’s apron and the board that attaches the legs to the top.

Not every table has one, but you want to make sure there is sufficient clearance for the knees if you do.

Once you purchase the correct height of dining chairs, you want to examine how many chairs can fit around your table.

You must have 24 inches of room per chair. It would help if you furnished your table for everyday comfort rather than a big gathering which is only hosted several times a year.

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2. Comfy Dining Chairs

There are numerous factors in choosing between an upholstered and an upholstered chair, and both have their benefits.

Some chairs can be easily cleaned by a wipe-down, so you don’t have to be hassled about spills.

Chairs that are upholstered are typically narrower and more effortless to fit around smaller tables.

But if you love hosting long leisurely dinner parties, you may want to consider something upholstered, which will be comfier if you linger after meals.

Upholstered armchair dining chairs are the comfier option if you have large tables or a massive room.

However, it is critical to leave 7 inches of space between the arm of the chair and the table.

3. Fabric and Finish

If you are striving for a mix-and-match look, you’ll need to think strategically about the finish of your furniture pieces.

They must complement each other but not be an exact match. You must consider incorporating both one consistent element and one that is contrasting.

Contrast creates excitement in a space and makes it interesting since it will keep it from feeling like a complete hodgepodge.

The rule is to stick to two different finishes that are unique but have some elements in common.

A great example of a mix-and-match look is working within the same color palette but bring, in contrast, tension, and visual interest with mixed silhouettes and materials.

You choose two different chairs – one very modern upholstered chair, the other vintage, and wood – in white color, for example, check these chairs on Interiorbeat.

But they work together because the wood and metal set up a pleasing contrast to the upholstered chairs, plus the cohesive color palette brings everything together in a way that feels like they always belonged around the same table.

4. Banquets

When it comes to casual dining spaces or rooms where you have tight spaces, a banquet can solve numerous problems.

Since they are often placed up against the wall, you can position your table into another room or take advantage of corners.

They also make it effortless to squeeze more people around a table since you will typically sit closer together in banquets than you would in a chair.

It must also be mentioned that this option is super comfortable. Thick cushioned storage benches and fully upholstered banquets are extremely functional in a small space.

Dining room chairs are essential elements in your dining area. They create a design impact in the overall space and are used a lot.

You must position your dining chairs at the recommended distance to allow for comfortable dining and movement.