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5 Tips Siding Companies Don’t Want You to Know

For thousands of years, human beings have been working on ways to improve our shelters. From huts made of mud and straw to caves and ultimately to modern dwellings, we have spent a lot of time as a species perfecting the art of comfortable, safe living.

Along the way, we also decided that our shelters should look good, and today’s modern western economies are driven largely by how much value our homes have.

A great way to make your home look great and increase its value is to go with some siding. From cement and aluminum to the super popular vinyl options, you can choose from a ton of different siding styles.

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5 Tips Siding Companies Don’t Want You to Know

No matter which type of siding you choose, the commonality here is that you’re likely going to hire the professionals to handle the job. Well, before you do, you should know a few things about siding companies.

Some companies are trying to hide the truth from you, keeping secret a lot of things they don’t want you to know.

Here are some things these companies hope you don’t know, and some useful tips that can turn the job to your advantage.

5 Little Secret Tips about Siding Businesses

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1. Hiring Local is Better

The first thing many of these companies don’t want you to know is that hiring local is a lot better. You might see different advertisements from these siding businesses that are advertising to you from across the nation.

Their ads are bright and colorful, and you might think that they’re the best options since they’re the ones with full-page ads and commercials, but what you don’t realize is that they want to charge you a small fortune. You’re paying for their travel.

The tip: Always look to hire locally first. You will end up saving a lot of money this way.

2. It’s Cheaper Than You Think

Another thing siding companies don’t want you to know is that the job is much cheaper than you think.

This isn’t to say that these companies are flatly ripping you off and over-charging you, but they do want you to assume that you’ll need to pay a lot of money to budget more out than what you’ll need.

That way, when they hit you with that high price, you’re willing to pay because you’ve already set the money aside.

The tip: Realize that siding is reasonably affordable, and let the company know that you’re looking for a fair estimate and won’t pay too much for the job.

3. The Job is Pretty Easy

These companies also don’t want you to know that the job is relatively easy; at least it is for the professionals. Some of these siding businesses will make it seem like it’s a very labor-intensive job that’s going to take a very long time.

Many of them do this because they want to fit you into a rotating schedule, where they’ll show up a few hours a day, and the job ends up taking longer. It won’t cost you more; it will only take more time.

The tip: Understand that they can get the job done quicker, so you need to be vocal about wanting the job done ASAP, not at their convenience. You’re the customer here.

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4. These Companies Do All the Work

Not every siding company is worth hiring. Many of them want to get away with as little work as possible, so they want to make it seem like you need to do some of the work yourself.

They will hint at, or even outright tell you that you’ll need to strip old siding off the home, or prep the surface yourself. This isn’t how a reputable siding company works. They do all of the work, start to finish.

The tip: Understand the job duties of a reputable siding company, and understand that they can handle all of the work.

5. Not All Jobs Are Full-Sized

If you only want soffits, gutters, trim, etc., do not allow a siding company to convince you that you need an entire package.

A reputable company works for you and does what you want. If you only want a little bit of exterior work done, that’s all you need to get.

The tip: Be firm about what you want and do not buy a larger package.

Always remember that there are good companies out there that handle siding and are near you. Hire a reputable company that’s willing to do what you want, the way you want it.

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