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5 Tips to Save Time and Money During Furniture Removals

Relocating to a new office or home generally poses a lot of challenges. Apart from payments and papers to settle, there are fixtures and furniture to move.

In most cases, property owners find it hard to prepare their furniture. In some cases, they could prepare for it yet in an expensive way.

Suppose you’re a homeowner who’s moving to a new place. You need to read this article about the tips to save time and money during furniture removals.

Reading this post can help you anticipate and prepare for the moving needs of your furniture, albeit quickly and affordably. Read on.

image - 5 Tips to Save Time and Money During Furniture Removals
5 Tips to Save Time and Money During Furniture Removals

1. Hire an Efficient Removalist

The first option that you may need to prioritize is hiring a professional removalist. Suppose you’re moving out of Bentleigh or its nearby areas. You might need to call professional removalists in Bentleigh to help you with your furniture.

Most of them have the skills, equipment, and vehicles to aid you in disassembling and carrying your pieces of furniture.

In addition, they also offer other services that could make you’re moving less stressful. Apart from the services, most professional removalists have been working in the industry for some time.

Thus, they know what to do. They could identify which packing material fits a particular piece of furniture. If they’re efficient in packing and moving your tables and cabinets, you’re sure to save time, money, and effort.

2. Create a Moving Plan

Planning ahead of any activity is a surefire way to cut time and expenses. In the context of furniture removal, planning gives people an avenue of choosing the best ways to disassemble, pack, and hire removalists.

In addition, they could select the day for the moving that may be less busy than others. This way, they can have more time for preparation.

A moving plan could also see the bottlenecks of your possible move. You may consider the existing weather conditions of your place.

You may also view all the other factors that could drag down your furniture removal. This way, you can avoid them and choose the options that could make your move faster and cheaper.

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3. Prepare Your Furniture

Take inventory of your pieces of furniture. Identify the ones that are heavyweight and may need an extra hand for packing and carting. You may need to disassemble them first for easy and safe packing.

Clean each piece of furniture before you or your hired removalists pack it. It’s also advisable that you mark the fragile and sensitive pieces.

Prepare Your Furniture

In addition, you may box the smaller ones. Also, you should label each box for easy identification when you have to unpack it at your new home. Some homeowners group furniture according to type.

Are they used in the kitchen? Are they made of glass? Metal? Wood? You may have your way of grouping. Doing so will help in moving them swifter.

4. Pack and Move What’s Necessary

One of the basic principles of moving is to pack only what’s necessary. In simpler terms, you leave the stuff which may no longer hold value or would just have more burden than assistance.

In most cases, homeowners observe this tip by selling old and heavyweight furniture. This way, they add earnings by subtracting some baggage.

In selling the furniture, a garage sale is always helpful. Months or weeks before your planned move, you could set one up.

You may also offer your old items to your friends or colleagues, especially those who have recently moved to a new job or location. If you have refurbished furniture, you could have better chances of getting paid better.

In deciding whether the furniture is still worth keeping or not, always consider the cost of moving and the cost of new furniture.

You may need to sell bulky and heavy objects with cheap counterparts, such as china cabinets or night tables unless you have sentimental value.

5. Use Cheap Yet Durable Packing Materials

Carefully packing your things is packing them efficiently. For that purpose, you may need the right tools to seal the boxes and containers properly. Above all, you may need correct and durable packing materials.

While expensive packing materials may mean durable materials, that’s not always the case. You can always still save some money, especially you’ll be spending most of your money on your move. That said, here are some cheap yet durable packing materials that you could choose from:

  • Fiberboard
  • Custom shipping boxes
  • Bubble wraps
  • Ducts tapes for oversized and heavy boxes
  • Packing tapes
  • Blankets and air pillows for cushioning fragile furniture
  • Shipping drums
  • Cardboard boxes

Wrapping Up

The tips in this post can help you save time and money on furniture removal. Apart from the near-endless options, you have, hiring a professional removalist for home or office relocation is always a wise decision.

Apart from being efficient as to expenses and time, you could also save your energy. If you’re planning to move out anytime soon, keep your furniture removal easy, affordable, and quick.