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Why Sustainable Furniture Is the Next Big Thing

In this day and age, manufacturers and consumers seem to be more aware of the current environmental situation we are in.

Sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle have never been more evident and relevant today. And the proof of that is the wide and good reception of sustainable furniture.

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Why Sustainable Furniture Is the Next Big Thing

Owners of hotels, restaurants, and homes will agree that sustainable furniture, which are home pieces made from either revived scrap wood or ethically sourced materials, could be the next big thing.

Not only that these pieces are stylish, but also durable and nature friendly.

So if you’re renovating your home or building a new establishment, consider designing the interior of your space with sustainable furniture.

Our friends who are craftsmen at SLH Furniture explain to us why:

1. Positively Impacts the Environment

To be considered as sustainable, there are four requirements that this type of furniture must tick off: materials, construction, durability, and methods of transportation.

First are the resource materials. Eco-friendly furniture must be either made out of reclaimed material, recycled goods, or a low-impact source.

The best example of these are woods from boat ruins or unused wood scraps from a construction site. With some tinkering and crafty magic, these discarded materials will be given a new life.

For low-impact sources, the best example is bamboo.

It’s a type of grass that’s incredibly fast-growing and low-maintenance so no wonder that it’s perfect for nature-friendly furniture.

Next are the construction and transportation processes.

No matter how low-impact the source material is, if excessive amounts of fuels are needed to be burnt just to manufacture and distribute the furniture, we’re afraid its sustainability is dubious.

So when looking for legitimate eco-friendly home pieces, make sure they’re ethically and locally sourced, and of course, handcrafted.

Durability also plays a big role. Since it’s more economical and helpful in waste reduction if the furniture can withstand the test of time.

The less furniture you buy in a certain span of time, the less household waste you produce. Which is a win-win for you and the environment.

2. Prevents Deforestation

Since sustainable furniture only requires recycled woods or low-impact sources, deforestation will be taken out of the picture.

And to assure that no tree will be cut down again, manufacturers have to undergo some certification from Forest Stewardship Council.

Organizations like these, review and certify makers whether they really use sustainable processes and materials or not.

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3. Breathes New Life to Discarded Materials

Many underestimate what leftover woods can become. But that’s not the case for true masters of the craft.

With a little bit of sanding and curing here and there, coupled with artistry and hard work, boat wrecks and scraps can take the form of stylish and elegant furniture.

4. Aesthetics

The weathered parts of the scrap woods also provide an aesthetic look and feel and unique details to the furniture.

These unapologetic ruins tell an interesting story that no refined materials can give.

We believe that this natural and chic style of sustainable furniture is not only a seasonal trend that will fade easily but a game-changing style that’s here to stay.

That’s probably the reason why interior designers, and even celebrities, bought the idea of sustainable furniture.

5. Affordability

Production expenses for making eco-friendly furniture are usually cheaper than the traditional ones. That’s because the materials used like discarded woods and recycled goods are less inexpensive.

In addition, these home pieces, even though made out of nearly oblivious materials, can still be manufactured strong and durable so you don’t have to buy and replace your furniture every now and then.

Buying products like these are more cost-effective than purchasing cheap traditional ones.

These are only some of the reasons why sustainable furniture is the future.

Eco-friendly home pieces will not only elevate the style of your residence or your office but will also impact the environment positively.

So if you want to help change the narrative, you should definitely jump into the bandwagon of sustainable furniture now!

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