Featured of Choosing Good Quality Firewood for Winters Preparation

Choosing Good Quality Firewood for Winters Preparation

Winters have already arrived, but what are your preparations for welcoming this season? Generally, winter means living inside your cozy and comfortable rooms inside a heavy quilt. However, no one can spend the entire day on bed and need to roam around for some physical activity. Even many people hesitate to navigate inside the house if there are chilling cold and snowfall outside.

At this moment, sitting around a fireplace playing card games, enjoying favourite drinks are some great activities to do.

Nowadays, finding good quality firewood has become a big hassle especially when you are living in an urban area. There are some local vendors but they mix both good and bad quality kinds of wood altogether.

Choosing Good Quality Firewood for Winters Preparation

Choosing Good Quality Firewood for Winters Preparation

Choosing Good Quality Firewood for Winters Preparation

A normal person cannot identify that which wood log will burn efficiently and which one emit smoke more than heat. Are you also facing such kind of situation? Here is a guide for choosing the right firewood for your fireplace.

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Types of Firewoods That are Perfect for Combustion

There are 2 types of firewoods that you can buy from a reliable wholesale merchant i.e.

  1. Softwood
  2. Hardwood

Here are Some Characters of Both of These Woods

  1. Talking about the basic characteristics of both, hardwood has a longer lifespan than softwood because of its thicker density. While burning, it survives longer than a soft one, thus you can use it for camping sites in outdoor locations.
  2. Softwood is lightweight and has short lifespan while burning, but it ignites much easier because of the loose fibres that allow enough oxygen.
  3. After completely burning out, softwood release ashes in excess, whereas you can expect good quality of coal after completely exhausting the hardwood. You can further utilise this coal for next night.
  4. If you need to carry them for a remote location without transportation help, softwood is highly preferable because of its lighter weight.

Most Popular Hard Firewood Types

  1. Oak
  2. Maple
  3. Birch
  4. Apple
  5. Ash
  6. Walnut
  7. Ironwood

Most Popular Soft Firewood Types

  1. Cedar
  2. Pine
  3. Larch
  4. Tamarack
  5. Aspen
  6. Cottonwood
  7. Sitka Spruce

These are the firewoods available in natural form. The professional wood suppliers cut the logs in a specific length and width that can easily fit inside your indoor fireplace or outdoor camping. However, there is also an option of buying manufactured firewood. In some markets or at online stores, one can find two major types of firewoods that are artificially manufactured i.e.

  • Wood Bricks

As the name is illustrating, these are the bricks made with different wooden materials. The wood bricks are made with waste like sawdust and woodchips which are waste of carpenter shop. These bricks are processed in a systematic manner to release the entire moisture so that user don’t have to struggle while igniting.

  • Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are also known as pellet fuel that holds similar properties like a typical wood brick. However, they are very tiny in size which is a good feature to burn quickly and efficiently. The pallet eco hardwood online in Mosman is meant for burning in pellet stoves or standard wood stoves. They are also helpful in starting the fire at initial stage whether you are inside the home or in an outer environment of the camping site.

Ignore Following Types of Woods for Firing Purpose

  • Greenwood

The term greenwood signifies material that holds a huge level of moisture. The logs of a freshly cut down tree cannot burn properly and release smoke more than flame.

  • Treated Old Furniture Wood

Whether you find the paint or shiner coating on wood, never order hardwood online because of the chemicals. When harmful chemicals burn with wood, a toxic smoke releases that produce foul smell as well badly affect the lungs too.

  • Big Size Logs

While buying eco logs online, make sure that they must be short in length. A wooden piece more spanning more than 5 inches in diameter is not suitable for burning quickly and efficiently.

Hope this information is enough to educate you regarding the types of woods suitable for burning at the fireplace.

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