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5 Common Usages of Commuter Bikes

There are different types of bikes such as sportbikes, cruisers, commuter bikes, adventure bikes, etc. and all of the bikes have their own usages and advantages.

Nowadays, commuter bikes are more popular. Mainly, Bikes that are used to travel short distances every day and whose engine capacity is 100 cc-135 cc are considered commuter bikes.

image - 5 Common Usages of Commuter Bikes
5 Common Usages of Commuter Bikes

Commuter bikes are very useful in our daily life. They are inexpensive, have a simple design, high mileage, and low maintenance.

If you have to travel a short distance for office, school or other work, you can use this bike. There are many usages of commuter bikes.

These affordable and lightweight commuter bikes can be used for office, shopping, travel, home delivery, and so on. Here, I have discussed the 5 most common usages of commuter bikes. Let’s see the usages.

Must Read – 5 Common Usages of Commuter Bikes

If you have any hesitation about whether a commuter bike is suitable for you or not, this writing will help you a lot to decide. OK, let’s carry on.

1. Office Going Purpose

People have to go to the office daily on time. If we use other transport, we may fall into a traffic jam and never go to the office on time.

Car or motorbike riding can be an option, but it is not possible and costly too. For this purpose, commuter bikes can be used. It is very easy to maintain. You can buy it at a very cheaper rate.

One can use a city bike which is one kind of commuter bike for the office. The wheel size of the bike is similar to a hybrid bike. You can use this commuter bike at night also as it has a generator and light.

2. School

School students can use commuter bikes for their transport. They can choose a track or fixed-gear commuter bike to go to school or their tuition. It has a very simple design and is perfect for teenagers.

They can easily effort and maintain the bike. It can also save valuable time. The handlebars are in drop and the fixed gear can act as a brake. So, a commuter bike is the best option for a student.

3. Traveling

Though the commuter bike is built in simple design, it can be used for traveling within the city. Sometimes, we go to travel for a short distance.

We can use this commuter bike to go to the park, seaside, or another recreational place in the city. We can use any type of commuter bike for traveling. Besides, we need comfort while riding the bike.

These bikes are very comfortable and make us good feel when traveling.

4. Home delivery

Many students or other people do a part-time job as a home delivery boy. They have to travel every day with their delivery. They must deliver the product on time to the customer.

So for this purpose, he can choose a commuter bike. By using the commuter bike we can deliver the product on time. As it is simple and not much expensive he can easily afford the bike.

5. Exercise purpose

There is one kind of commuter bike which can be used for fitness purpose. This is called a fitness bike. This is a lightweight affordable commuter bike.

It has a flat or upright handlebar with narrow tires. This feature gives the opportunity to use it for exercise purposes. This is not like a regular bike. You can ride the bike on any type of road.

This bike can be used for racing or daily exercise. By using the commuter bike, we can keep ourselves fit.


Every day, we have to travel to many places for our personal works. The commuter bike is the best way for our transport. For daily purposes at a short distance, we can use commuter bikes.

There are different types of commuter bikes that have a very simple design, high performance, and cheaper price. Any person can easily afford and run this bike.

You can also use commuter bikes for other purposes. I think, now you know the most common usages of commuter bikes from the writing.  Now, it is time for making the decision about buying one.

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