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Tips to Wallpaper Selection and Knowing the Right Size to Buy

Wallpapers are valuable interior design items. You can hide imperfections on the wall while brightening the interiors using them. Still, you can make a small room appear prominent by choosing the right style.

However, wallpaper selection can be challenging, especially if it is your first time hanging them. Below are some tips to help you select a suitable hallway wallpaper for your home improvement initiative;

image - Tips to Wallpaper Selection and Knowing the Right Size to Buy
Tips to Wallpaper Selection and Knowing the Right Size to Buy

Pick the Right Style

The large-patterned wallpapers will give a formal look to a room, and you can consider them for commercial spaces or the living room. However, ones with small patterns are more casual and showcase fun.

The smaller spaced patterns are stylish and can brighten up a dull room. In addition, you need to consider the borders when decorating with wallpapers. Apart from shapes forming the patterns in wallpapers, they still include images.

So, it would be best if you considered your taste and preference to find a stylish pattern to purchase.

Select Colour depending on the Mood

You can set a room’s mood by using colors. Wallpapers with blue, green, or violet colors are fabulous. They can make a room appear larger than it is. On the other hand, you can make a room dramatic but fresh using dark shades.

However, you can warm the room using orange, yellow or red wallpaper. The warm colors are ideal for homes in cold regions, making the room cozier. If you want tranquility, warm shades will work.

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Cover Wall Imperfections with Texture

You can cover wall imperfections using texture. Some options will mimic natural products like wood, and stones while others will look like leather or fabric. Alternatively, you can use wallpapers with an actual texture like grass.

Apart from the few examples, you can find various options for the texture. Unlike plain wallpapers, they can hide flaws on the wall.

Consider the Lighting

The way that wallpaper interacts with light will determine its outlook. Bright colors will reflect the light while darker shades absorb it. If you have minimal natural light in a room, it is best to select the shades that reflect light.

Apart from the bright shades, metallic options will give the same effect. Also, the texture should be smooth if you want to reflect as much light as possible. However, if you have adequate natural or artificial light, you can use darker shades in wallpaper.

Knowing the Right Size of Wallpaper to Buy

Here is what you need to do to ensure you buy the right wallpaper size;

  • Get the wall measurements; you will need to calculate the vertical and horizontal wall space in square feet. You will get the total square feet of where you want to install by multiplying the figures you get. Include the ceiling if you will be covering the upper space.
  • Divide with the area one roll covers; one wallpaper roll will cover approximately 25 square feet. So you will get the number of rolls you should buy by dividing the wall measurements you get by twenty-five. You can subtract the windows and doors measurements, but it would be best to have excess since you cut the wallpaper to match patterns.