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Top 15 DIY Apps of All Time

Are you aware that as of March 2018, Google play store had over 2 million apps available for download? There is an app for learning, one for chatting and many others just to make your life simpler. If you’ve not already guessed this then you need to know that there is an app for virtually everything.

Yes, there are even DIY Apps. With DIY Apps you can always start a DIY project and immerse yourself in the present moment. DIY Apps will provide you with tangible evidence of your work and leave you with a special memento to keep. Don’t know where to start there are thousands of DIY Apps to provide you with guidance and help.

Whether you are brand new to the DIY scene or not these DIY Apps will help you take your project to the next level with relative ease.

  1. Houzz Interior App

image - Houzz Interior App

Redesigning your home or house could just be one thing that you need to feel refreshed and recharged. But trying to figure out which items should be placed in the house and what colors should go where can quite be a challenge.

This unique App by Houzz will allow you to experiment with a variety of pieces of décor and colors directly in your home with a lot of ease.

You can also use it to look for new things and paint colors then use your laptop or phone camera to know exactly how they’d look in your home. This app makes stripes and paints switch a thing of the past.

App link


  1. 2000 DIY Ideas

image - 2000 DIY Ideas

Are you feeling creative? From arts to gardening, food to fashion, you can choose from different categories and use 2000 DIY Ideas App to do these projects.

As compared to other apps, this app will notify you when there are new images of projects that you still want to do. You can also upload pictures of your unique creations to this app or save images onto your Android.



  1. Smartplant

image - Smartplant

It’s obvious that giving attention and love to another living can bring you all manner of good vibes. So if you want to do gardening, but don’t know where to start to consider cultivating a small garden and let this special app guide you.

SmartPlant will provide you with several tricks to make your gardening easier. From customized reminders to plant identification of how and when to take care of the plant, it’s definitely something that every gardener needs. Once you are through you can sit back and enjoy that fresh air.

App link


  1. WikiHow App for Android

image - WikiHow App for Android

Just like Wikipedia for the DIY, WikiHow app for iOS and Android that will provide you with thousands of how-to guides ranging from life hacks and tech to quick repairs and craft projects. Whether you want to change your car oil or frame a jigsaw puzzle, WikiHow has it all.

You can browse through and search different categories while checking out featured articles. There is also the inclusion of a Survival Kit which is a unique feature in the iOS version. This is just a collection of survival guides that come ready for offline use.

App link


  1. TapMeasure

image - TapMeasure

A tape measure is a very important part of any DIY tool kit. But why should you settle on physical equipment when your iOS phone has an augmented reality version? TapMeasure is just the new augmented reality of the platform that Apple has opened up for developers.

While you can always bring up a tape measure to check out the distance between two points, TapMeasure App can help you do much more. Whether you need to hang photos nicely and straight you can always use this app to check the orientation of the wall. It actually lets you build a virtual world that you can explore.

App link


  1. BrightNest

image - BrightNest

If you want to save money and get your DIY on then this is perhaps the best. With its wealth of instructions and guidance for every home maintenance task, BrightNest makes it easy to do that.

From tips on making cleaning more efficient to advise on repairing your washing machine, there is a lot that you can do with this machine. This app also comes with a scheduler that you can use to set daily notifications and reminders customized to your home and to ensure that’s it’s as orderly and clean as possible.

App link


  1. DIY Recycled Crafts

image - DIY Recycled Crafts

Do you want to get inspired? If so then the DIY Recycled app is the best app for you. This app will provide you with unique crafts from recycled materials that you can do at home.

However, since there are no instructions to accompany the pictures you must figure out how to make the crafts just by looking at them.

App link


  1. Handy Man DIY

image - Handy Man DIY

This DIY aims to be a complete projected manager for any project that you undertake to do. Whether it’s redecorating your house or building an extension, it’s organized in such a way that you’re led into creating individual tasks as soon as you start the project.

 You just need to use the app’s huge library to assign materials to these tasks and then assign a cost to those materials. To help you complete trickier jobs it has links to YouTube videos. With this app, it’s easy to see the quantity and the cost of materials that you need.

App link


  1. Makr

image  -  Makr

If you prefer creative projects that don’t get your hands or house dirty then you probably need to give this app a try. Apart from providing you with an easy way to develop custom graphics on your own, this app can also help you save money.

This means you don’t have to pay anyone money to make these things for you. You are also in control of the process hence you’ll ensure that everything comes out well. Since it’s very easy to navigate you do not need any design experience to use this app.

App link


  1. Craftsy

image - Craftsy

Whether you are struggling to complete your DIY project or you are someone who learns better when there is more structure, Craftsy is the best app for you. This app is basically an all-inclusive app for almost every project under the sun.

Their classes feature discussions from other students, videos from esteemed customers and even links that can be used to purchase all the supplies that you need to complete a particular project. This is basically a classroom inside your pocket.

App link


  1. The Home Depot

image - The Home Depot

It’s likely that you need to work on your house improvement project. You also need to buy some relevant equipment in order to do that. The Home Depot App will provide you with one such option to do so.

This app not only works well but is also pretty good. You can also use it in-store to know where you are before giving you directions to where the equipment you are looking for is. With this app, you’ll save yourself a lot of time.

App link


  1. iHandy Carpenter App

image - iHandy Carpenter App

In case your DIY goals involve home improvement then you obviously require an app like this. This is because it’s basically a toolbox. As a “toolbox”, this app will definitely transform your phone into different home improvement tools to just near perfection.

It comes with 3 different leveling tools that will ensure your photos, walls, surfaces, and walls and properly aligned. It also has a protractor and ruler to make sure that your project is done with polish and precision. With this app, you can get to hang those photos on your wall in a very straight line.

App link


  1. Plumbing App

image - Plumbing App

Just the thought of plumbing is enough to drive fear into even the most DIY enthusiast. Thankfully, there is a Plumbing App that comes with videos and tutorials that you can use to solve some of the most common plumbing problems. From fixing a burst pipe to a toilet that won’t flush, this app has everything that you need.

Additionally, it also has a written guide and glossary that contains some of the most common techniques. Since all these videos are taken from YouTube, it’s free.

App link


  1. Project Life

image - Project Life

Scrapbooks can make some of the best keepsakes. However, the tedious cutting, organizing and gluing that goes with them can be a bit hard. This is where Project Life Comes in since it makes it quite easy to create beautiful, cohesive and professional-looking scrapbooks within a very short time.

Once you’ve organized your comments and photos in the way you want, you can order a professional-looking printed version.

App link


  1. Adornably

image - Adornably

Figuring out how new furniture will look inside a room can be a bit hard. Although you can imagine it’s not the same as seeing it. But who wants to rearrange everything inside the house for just no reason?

Happily, Adornably is an app that allows you to take a photo of your room and then start placing the furniture as well as decorate upholstery and walls. It’s, therefore, one of the best apps out there.

App link



While these are some of the best DIY apps of all the time, you just need to do a peek in the world of apps so you can find the one that suits you. There are still many more out there. Since there is almost a DIY App for everything why not let an app make the daunting task of doing something easier.


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