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Top Five Adjustable Beds in Canada

One investment people with back pain and different pains related to sleeping would be delighted to have would be an adjustable bed.

The benefits of adjustable beds definitely outweigh their disadvantages if there are any.

Adjustable beds have proven to be effective in helping people sleep better that is in providing comfort and durability that is perfect for the user.

image - Top Five Adjustable Beds in Canada
Top Five Adjustable Beds in Canada

Everywhere around the world, adjustable beds are making lives better for sleeping folks however, this article would focus on adjustable beds in Canada.

These adjustable beds have been ranked based on their range of comfort, ease of use, value for money, and technology. Written here are the top five adjustable beds as seen amongst others in Canada. So, sit back, relax and enjoy as you go through this read.

1. Amerisleep Adjustable Bed

The Amerisleep adjustable bed offers a full body massage feature that can be programmed for various intensity levels and an adjustable leg with about four height options.

The Amerisleep full body massage option has made it stand out differently from other adjustable beds in the business. It produces calm waves to alleviate pain and tension in the most sensitive parts of the body.

The adjustable legs are an important asset in Amerisleep adjustable beds. The bed offers an amazing head tilt which is helpful for people who snore.

Beyond that, the Amerisleep adjustable beds arrive with industrial-grade steel supports and MicroHook systems that put the mattress in place ensuring its sturdiness.

A definite con to the purchase of the Amerisleep adjustable bed is that it is quite expensive however it does offer quality for its worth.

It has a 25-year warranty and is known to come in four different sizes which could be Twin XL, Full Queen, and Split Queen. It is one of the best adjustable beds you could find in Canada.

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2. The Casper Adjustable Pro

The Casper Adjustable Base is an amazing base for customers who would love to keep their bed frames. It features a head, neck, and foot tilt which makes it particularly fit for people.

Apart from that, it has three height options giving the user the freedom to choose from a range of options. For customers who have issues getting into and out of their bed, the adjustable-height feature is an amazing feature that is inserted for them.

The Casper Adjustable Pro is beneficial as it has benefits that aid snoring for those who snore by opening their airway during sleeping.

Coupled with this, there are also two programmable memory slots located for you to save two of your best positions either for sleeping or relaxing. The Casper adjustable pro is available in various sizes ranging from the Twin XL to the Split King Sizes.

A con attached to the Casper Adjustable pro may be the fact that it could be expensive however for an amazing massage, head tilt function, and remote-controlled bed the money is worth it. What mattress size is best for kids?

3. Podium Adjustable Bed

The podium Adjustable bed is one of the top picks amongst other adjustable beds in Canada. With amazing technology coupled with its versatility, the podium adjustable bed makes way for being amongst the top five adjustable beds.

It has a wireless control remote that can help adjust the bed to any height amongst the height options available for your head and feet.

Besides this amazing feature, the podium adjustable bed works amazingly well for massages as its controlled feature controls the massage modes for the body ensuring you can relax while on the bed.

It is also accommodating to different mattresses ranging from foam mattress to latex however it is advisable to make sure not to use this bed with innerspring mattresses. The podium adjustable bed comes with a variety of warranties putting the customer in mind at all times.

4. Ghost Bed Adjustable Base

The Ghost Bed Adjustable Base comes with features that enable it to adjust to several pre-set positions coupled with choosing manual adjustments.

With an astounding number of different modes based on intensity and target area, you can choose various massage options that are equipped for body massages.

This base is quite versatile as it has various preferences to soothe the user’s needs. The Ghost Bed Adjustable Base has a preset for watching television, lounging, and a zero-gravity setting attached for people who have lower back pain thereby helping their pain.

In addition to this, it has an anti-snore function which elevates the head lightly while ensuring the rest of the bed is flat. The base is available as a Twin XL and a Queen Size including a split king for couples.

In addition to this, it has a sturdy retainer bar at the foot of the bed and a non-skid surface that helps keep the mattress in place without it moving much.

5. Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base

The Lucid L300 Adjustable base is quite affordable and easy to set up on your own. It also has a remote that allows you to pre-program your positioning.

This adjustable bed is an ideal bed for someone who wants an awesome adjustable bed but doesn’t want to spend too much on it. It offers the best at a cheaper rate and gives you a five-star experience without too much.

The Lucid L300 can raise your head and feet and comes with wireless remote control in conjunction with USB ports for charging your phone or devices.

The Bed Base doesn’t take long to set up and comes in the sizes Twin Xl, Full, and Queen.

Adjustable beds may not come cheap but offer awesome benefits for the price given. Would you try an adjustable bed if you had the money?