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Top 5 Latest Cordless Electric Power Tools Innovation on the Market

Having a cordless tool has had a lot of emphases nowadays.

The technology available has allowed the invention of some fantastic cordless electrical power tools that will certainly make a great addition to any DIY toolbox.

At T.N. Robinson Ltd, we understand the flexibility offered by cordless electrical power tools.

image - Top 5 Latest Cordless Electric Power Tools Innovation on the Market
Top 5 Latest Cordless Electric Power Tools Innovation on the Market

Our team supplies some of the best products on the market. We supply electric equipment to over 1000 top brands in the UK and the rest of the world.

Our specialists also keep track of new inventions to ensure we stock the latest and best products.

Our store operates in the North West of the UK, supplying quality affordable wholesale products in Stockport and many other locations throughout the region.

Here are five of the latest and best, cordless electrical power tool innovations on the market, that we stock in our electrical wholesalers Stockport store.


The German company Metabo manufactures some of the most innovative cordless electrical power tools.

They are well recognized in Europe and many other parts globally, for their unmatched quality, performance, and reliability.

Metabo has a great reputation and is known for taking its cordless power tool technology to the next level.

With a goal to enable a truly cordless workplace, Metabo has manufactured many fantastic cordless power tools.

In Europe, the Metabo 18V cordless platform is extensive. Their products are popular for top-notch drilling and fastening tech. For metalworking and fabrication, you can obtain very unique cordless tools from Metabo.

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Festool is well known for its unique, cordless electrical power tools that are quite innovative.

One of the UK brands offering excellent cordless power tools, Festool just recently consolidated some of their cordless power tools into combo kits.

These inventive tools are great for DIY operations, for DIY Novices, as well as remodelers and contractors.

By concentrating on limited yet fine products, Festool has been able to introduce some good quality and unique combo cordless electrical power tools.


For decades, DeWalt cordless electrical power tools have dominated the market. It is one of the best cordless power tool brands globally.

For nearly 100 years, DeWalt has been producing and inventing some great power tools. In fact, they are known for their perfection of the radial arm saw. Their miter saws are high-quality products most users love.

DeWalt power tools have a characteristic top quality the company offers for its products.

In comparison to its competitors, DeWalt tends to beat them on the combination of efficiency, durable build, reliability, and long-term service of their power tools.

Loyal users of DeWalt believe they have the best cordless electrical power tools which are reflected on the FlexVolt platform.

These power tools come with powerful batteries and great designs for quality tools to be used by both novices and professionals.

Few of DeWalt top cordless power tools include:

1. DeWalt DCK240C2 20 Volt Combo Kit


  • Great functionality offered by a top-performing motor
  • The versatility provided by powerful operation
  • Unmatched access allowed by ideal design for tight spots

2. Dewalt DCK1020D2 20V Combo Kit


  • Long single used offered by high capacity lithium-ion batteries
  • The versatility provided by quick-change attachments
  • Quality assurance due to the 3-year warranty offered


Bosch has earned a reputation as a quality cordless electrical power tool supplier. Being one of the oldest and most trusted brands internationally, Bosch has become a household name and it’s easy to see why.

Bosch company is known for its engineering ventures and achievements. One of the feats they are known for is manufacturing some of the best power tools in the industry.

By making power tools one of their major focuses, the company has been able to produce some of the most innovative cordless electrical power tools.

Bosch is one of the pioneers of battery technology and you can easily understand why their cordless power tools offer excellent performance.

Quality dominates in all Bosch cordless power tools for build, performance, and reliability.

Here are some innovative cordless power tools by Bosch that stand out;

1. Bosch CLPK222-181 18V Combo


  • The high performance offered by a high-power motor
  • Durability provided by the all-metal gearbox

2. Bosch CLPK22-120 12 Volt Combo


  • Ergonomic, compact, and lightweight design
  • High performance from powerful driver motors
  • Head-mounted LED lights


For over a century, Makita has been providing quality electrical power tools. Starting out as an electrical manufacturer, the brand has grown into one of the most recognized power tool manufacturers.

Makita’s first cordless electrical power tool was introduced in 1978, 20 years after producing their first tool. It is easy to see that they have learned a lot since then because their cordless power tools offer one of the best services globally.

Their power tools are well known to be powerful and durable, for both professional and non-professional use.

Makita power tools broad range has hugely competitive products and the savvy company keeps on introducing newer tools, with improved features to suit the many emerging demands for innovative power tools.

The company has many power tools powered by 4 noticeable battery systems ranging between 7.2V to 36V allowing choice flexibility.

Some highly innovative Makita tools making a difference in the industry include:

1. Makita CT226 12V Combo Kit

It offers:

  • Versatility thanks to a multi-speed driver drill
  • Increased comfort due to its compact, ergonomic design
  • Enhanced durability on a lightweight power tool

2. Makita CT322W 18 Volt LXT Combo Kit

It offers:

  • Improved grasp and comfort provided by rubberized grips
  • Star Protection Computer controls
  • Increased functionality thanks to the 500 lumens LED flashlight fitted

Buy Innovative Cordless Electrical Power Tools

To purchase quality and innovative cordless electrical power tools from these leading brands in Stockport and other locations in the North West region of England and Wales, feel free to contact our electrical wholesalers Stockport office at T.N. Robinson Ltd.

As a leading supplier of quality wholesale electrical products at competitive prices, we offer a bespoke service to our customers.

We have experience in electrical products for over 98 years, which guarantees great products of excellent quality.