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Top 5 Most Desirable Features of Marbella Villas

Spain has become known as the Miami of Europe for its central location to EU countries.

The resort city of Marbella is where the rich and famous of Europe go to play.

Sporting luxury villas, private yachts, and top-notch hotels, it’s become a popular tourist destination as well.

In between visits to the Old City or spending time in the Mediterranean waters, visitors to Marbella also need to relax and prepare for the next day.

What better way to do that than enjoying time in one of the many private Marbella villas?

image- Top 5 Most Desirable Features of Marbella Villas
Top 5 Most Desirable Features of Marbella Villas

If you are wondering why you should be renting one of these villas, keep reading to see what luxury features set them apart from other accommodations.

1. In-House Staff

When you return to your villa at the end of your day, you won’t want to have to make your bed, clean your bathroom, and you will want to have a delicious meal waiting for you. Having an in-house staff will take care of all these.

You may have a maid who comes and cleans once daily, stocks the fridge with ready-to-go meals, and keeps the bar updated.

If you rent a villa that can accommodate multiple families, like some found at choosemarbella.com, a larger staff might be assigned to you; a private chef who creates your meals as you are ready to dine, a maid and housekeeper to assist with cleaning, a villa manager to see to all of your needs, as well as outdoor staff to keep the grounds looking immaculate.

2. Elegant Bathing Rooms

With beautiful tiled floors, rainfall showers, and spa tubs, you may not want to leave your bathing room.

Egyptian or Turkish cotton towels, bath sheets, and robes will wrap you in comfort after your bath or shower.

Warm lighting and tasteful decor will add to the feel of elegance and allow you to relax.

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3. Zen Opportunities

Being able to spend time in your private pool is just one of the many opportunities to enjoy your vacation.

Many Marbella villas have rooms designed to bring the mind and body into full unity.

From a massage room that can accommodate single or couples’ massages to a yoga studio and even a private gym, you will find what you are looking for as you search for a villa to accommodate your needs.

4. Entertainment Rooms

Watch a movie on a large screen in the cinema room, complete with reclining chairs and surround sound play pool or billiards in the recreation room. Curl up with a book in the quiet library.

Take cooking lessons in a state-of-the-art kitchen. Challenge your family to beat the high score as you play arcade games.

Depending on what you are looking for to keep your family and friends occupied during your downtime, chances are, you will find it.

5. Prime Location

As you enjoy your private villa, you will want one close to the action, but also giving you peace and quiet.

The best ones are found near the ocean, sporting a beautiful view, but close to the city center and tourist attractions.

Marbella Villas Are Five Star Accommodations

As you visit Marbella, you can have the best of both worlds; a vacation of a lifetime, with all the comforts (and more) of home.

Don’t wait to find perfect Marbella villas for your perfect vacation.

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