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The Top 3 Most Stunning Ranches for Sale in Wyoming

Open rangelands dominate much of the Wild West. These vast lands are often teeming with livestock, plants, and wildlife.

Wyoming is an attractive state for ranching since it is a popular spot for land buyers and outdoor enthusiasts interested in activities like hunting and fishing.

MIRR Ranch Group is the ideal land brokerage for people looking for mid-size and expansive Wyoming ranches for sale.

Our brokers have many years of experience in ranch marketing and will readily assist you in finding a dream ranch or property.

The ranches sold by MIRR Ranch Group come with attractive incentives and amenities such as deeded acres, pivot irrigated acres, proximity to wildlife, irrigation water rights, road access, and privacy.

For the outdoor enthusiast, we have ranches and farmlands that are ideal for activities like fishing and hunting.

The ranches we’ve listed for sale in Wyoming are located in different counties, including Platte, Hot Springs, Converse, Sublette, and Sheridan. Here are the top 3 most stunning ranches available for sale in Wyoming:

image - The Top 3 Most Stunning Ranches for Sale in Wyoming
The Top 3 Most Stunning Ranches for Sale in Wyoming

Bellis Road Acreage in Wheatland, WY ($940,000)

In the vast plains of southern Wyoming lies the Bellis Road Acreage. The 62-acre deeded and irrigated farmland in Wheatland, Platte County, comes with an expansive pipe corral system and outdoor roping area measuring 160 x 300.

Other attractive features include horse pens, paddocks, supporting buildings, and maintenance-free improvement areas covering more than 3,200 square feet of space.

The farm also offers privacy and breathtaking views of the surrounding areas. These structures are not very old as they were built in 2015.

A buyer can choose to turn the farm into a viable investment property with livestock or pleasure activities. The entire investment is just a few minute’s drive from the town center.

16th Street Farm in Wheatland, WY ($1,100,000)

The farm stretches about 65 acres and has direct road access from the nearby 16th Street and the popular Wheatland’s Business Shop.

The strategic location makes the farm a worthy investment with clear-cut entry and exit points.

Wheatland Farm is highly ideal for productive farming as it enjoys water usage rights. We are a trusted ranch broker with a solid reputation to safeguard.

Our brokerage was picked as the Best Brokerage by the Land Report for the year 2011 to 2020. As MIRR Ranch Group, we believe that an investment in a ranch such as this one in Wheatland qualifies as a solid real estate investment.

With a proper investment strategy, the ranch can produce sustainable ROI. Besides Wyoming, we can help you find a ranch in Montana, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Oregon.

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Eden Farm in Farson, WY ($1,500,000)

The 1,435-acre farm in Sweetwater County is located 40 miles north of Rock Springs, which is at the center of the Red Desert.

Eden Farm is both highly productive and well-kept. Several investments such as well-developed water resources, good fencing, and pivot irrigation infrastructure exist here.

There are also several farm buildings. If you are into livestock farming, the farm is suitable for haymaking and cattle rearing.

The other viable option is a sporting retreat. At MIRR Ranch Group, we’ve assisted many buyers looking for an ideal legacy ranch in Wyoming.

You can visit our website for updates regarding ranch sales and ranch bulletin. Our offices are located at 901 Acoma St. Denver, CO. If you want to speak to our representative, call us using the following numbers: 303 623 4545; 877 623 4545, or 303 623 4646.

Other Top Ranch Listings in Wyoming

Our top listings also include Winding River Ranch, Pole Mountain Ranch, and the Table Mountain Farm.

The Table Mountain farm in Huntley, Wyoming, is a vast 1,440-acre ranch selling for $4,175,000.

The ranch was only recently appraised and is very well-kept. It includes the following amenities: excellent water rights, the pump system, and control pivot function. We are also selling the highly-rated Winding River Ranch, a sizable 376-acre deeded ranch, for a competitive price tag of $2.3 million.

The ranch is nestled in Converse County, along the stunning North Platte River, which gives it a breathtaking river frontage.

The prime Pole Mountain Ranch covers a total of 1,785 deeded acres of land. It is available for $8,000,000 and features well-developed meadows and an irrigation system.

Buyers also get an immaculately maintained six-bedroom lodge and a two-story homestead cabin.

The trophy property is highly ideal for World-Class recreational investment. You can call or visit our offices to inquire more about this ranch.

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