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Top Signs Your Home’s Foundation May Be in Need of Repair

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare: Their home suddenly collapses and is completely destroyed.

Though it usually takes an earthquake or some natural disaster to bring about this scenario, the fact remains that the stronger the foundation, the more resilient a structure will be.

image - Top Signs Your Home's Foundation May Be in Need of Repair
Top Signs Your Home’s Foundation May Be in Need of Repair

This is why homeowners need to pay close attention to their home’s foundation. Not sure what to look for? Don’t worry, some professional contractors specialize in assessing and repairing the foundations of homes.

Stratum Foundation Repair

If you live in Texas, then you should call Stratum Foundation Repair. But if you’re in another state, take some time to do some diligent research so you can select a contractor with a proven track record in repairing home foundations.

In the meantime, here are signs you should look for that indicate a possible problem with the foundation of your home:

  1. Your foundation has shifted. If your home’s foundation has moved in an upward direction, called “upheaval”, or in a downward direction, called “settling” or sinking, then it’s highly likely something is wrong with your foundation.
  2. There are cracks in the walls, floors, or ceiling. Cracks are usually one of the early signs there might be a problem with your home’s foundation.
  3. Your chimney has begun to lean. A leaning chimney could be a sign of a problem with your home’s foundation and should be inspected by a professional.
  4. Your doors and windows have become misaligned, causing them to stick, and fail to open or close properly.
  5. Cabinets and counters have begun separating from the wall.
  6. There is a smell of mold or mildew in your basement.
  7. The floor has begun to sag or become uneven.

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Get A Professional Assessment

These signs don’t definitively mean your home’s foundation is in trouble, as in some cases, such as doors, cabinets, and windows, can be caused by poor workmanship.

However, given the stakes involved, it’s best to get a professional assessment done.

Here, the importance of having a qualified, experienced home foundation repair contractor, cannot be over-emphasized.

You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your home’s foundation.

Experts like Stratum Foundation Repair will be able to assess whether or not the signs you may have identified are caused by a problem with your home’s foundation or by some other issue that needs to be urgently addressed, or even ignored until it’s convenient to have them repaired.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

Regardless of who you call, if repairs are needed to your foundation it won’t be cheap.

Depending on your location, the size of your home, and the extent of the work to be done, repairs to a foundation can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

But remember, this is about protecting your home. So whatever you spend should be seen as an investment.

Your home is probably the foundation of your net worth; protecting its foundation should be an urgent priority.

Check if there are signs of damage to your home’s foundation, and get a professional to do an assessment right away.

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