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Trash for Cash: How to Make Money by Recycling?

Recycling is one of the best ways to contribute to nature’s well-being. Australians are gradually digesting the concept of recycling in order to play their part in bettering our environment.

However, do you know that you can make money through bottles & cans recycling depot in Australia?

image - Trash for Cash How to Make Money by Recycling
Trash for Cash How to Make Money by Recycling

Every household has certain items that can be reused. Things like glass bottles, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, old phones, cans, etc., can easily be used for recycling and, in due process, can also earn some money for you.

Moreover, it is good for our planet, and it gives us paramount satisfaction of doing something good for mother nature.

In this blog, we shall look at some tips that can help you earn by recycling. The coming sections will give you a clear idea about where and how to start making money while making your contribution to the environment.

We know that you must be thinking that it would be a daunting task. Honestly, it is as simple as just taking the first step, and you are good to go!

Tips for Recycling

  • In order to facilitate recycling and keeping the cities in Australia clean, South Australia introduced container deposit legislation or CDL in 1977. You must first find out which type of containers can help you earn money under CDL.
  • Check the labels on containers in your pantry for “10c refund at collection depots when sold in SA’. You can plan to earn money by giving this recyclable stuff to Adelaide Recycling Centre.
  • Make a plan to gather sufficient recyclable things in your backyard. Make sure to keep them segregated using separate containers like one for plastic, one for glass, one for cardboard, and one for metal.
  • Once you have sufficient recyclable stuff, drive to the recycling center and wait for the experts to check the contents. Once they count your items, they hand over the cash to you.

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What to Recycle?

The next important query would be what common things could be recycled? Here is a list of a few items to help you get started:


Every household has books lying in the corners of the shelves that no one would ever read. Stuff like old dictionaries, novels, textbooks, etc., can be used to recycle. You can even earn some money by giving them away.

A couple of good places to start selling the unwanted books would be DeClutter and Amazon Trade-In.

Empty Bottles and Cans

Remember the weekend party you organized for your friends and family? The afterparty leftover empty bottles and cans would have driven you crazy. But what if we told you that those empty cans and bottles could earn money for you? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Many states pay for returning the empty bottles and cans. You can check out the nearest recycling centers to help get started on earning.

Metal Scrap

One of the highest-paying recyclable items that can earn money for you is metal. These are the most sought-after products for recycling. The advantage of recycling metal is that you can recycle them as many times as you want.

Recycling units pay handsomely for the scrap metals from the household.

Scout your storerooms for useless stuff that has metal. This could be your phones, electric cords or wires, car wheels, sink taps, plumbing joints, kitchen accessories, etc.

In Conclusion

Recycling is majorly about saving our planet and keeping its resources from getting depleted. Many of us already contribute to the environment by active recycling. However, there are no reasons to shy away from any probable monetary gains from recycling.

In this write-up, we focused on providing vital information to encourage you to start recycling and, in the process, make some money too.

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