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7 Types of Installation and Architectural Decoration Applications of Metal Decorative Mesh

Now the new materials are endless, even if the previous ones can also play new tricks, for example, metal, can do construction materials can also do decorative materials, and these years the popular metal decorative mesh in the design of more and more applications, curtain walls, decorative partitions, ceiling, wall effects can be achieved.
image - 7 Types of Installation and Architectural Decoration Applications of Metal Decorative Mesh
7 Types of Installation and Architectural Decoration Applications of Metal Decorative Mesh

This article Dongfu Wire Mesh will talk to you about metal decorative mesh, mainly addressing the following issues.

  • What are the categories and characteristics of metal decorative wire mesh?
  • How is the metal decorative wire mesh installed in the building decoration project?

Categories of Metal Decorative Mesh

image - Categories of Metal Decorative Mesh

Metal decorative wire mesh is widely used not only because it is flame retardant, light-blocking, breathable, strong decorative effect, but also has the characteristics of easy installation, easy to clean, durable and so on. According to the form can be divided into metal woven wire mesh, metal drape, expanded metal mesh.

1. Metal Woven Wire Mesh (Curtain Wall Mesh, Metal Decorative Mesh)

image - Metal Woven Wire Mesh (Curtain Wall Mesh, Metal Decorative Mesh)

Metal woven wire mesh is composed of metal rods or ropes woven in various patterns according to the woven form of the fabric, consisting of horizontal metal rods through vertical metal ropes, using materials including metals such as stainless steel and high-strength corrosion-resistant chrome steel.

image - chrome steel

This kind of metal woven wire mesh has a wide range of application areas, good decorative effect, and has become the new favourite of mainstream architectural decorative art now.

2. Metal Drape

image - Metal Drape

The metal drape is made of metal wire in the form of spiral weave, the surface of the net curtain can be the original colour of metal, but also can be processed into other metallic colours such as antique copper, gold, etc.

It can be used for curtains of high-class buildings, screen decoration of luxurious living rooms, as well as star hotels and high-class office buildings inside and outside decoration, etc.

It will look more golden and brilliant under the light.

3. Expanded Metal Mesh

image - Expanded Metal Mesh

Metal stretch mesh is cut and stretched from metal plates, and the surface of the stretch mesh can be powder coated, fluorocarbon baking paint and so on.

It can be used in luxury hotels, star hotels, large shopping malls, senior office buildings and other ceiling decoration or screen partition, beautiful and generous, loved by the majority of designers.

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Installation and Application of Metal Decorative Mesh

1. External Curtain Wall – Rope Mesh Installation

image - Installation and Application of Metal Decorative Mesh

Outside curtain wall metal mesh installation first of all to install the mesh pendant and support, when the metal mesh length > 5m to add wind support.

Fixed way: the metal net end of the horizontal stainless steel round rod to pull out a few, in the middle of the wire rope through a steel rod, hanging in the installed pendant.

The lower end of the metal net also draws the wire through the steel rod, with a high-strength tension spring or set of rods downward tension, fixed to the support of the connecting piece can be.

2. External Curtain Wall – Conveyor Belt Mesh Installation

image - External Curtain Wall

When installing the conveyor belt net, you can open the upper and lower two steel pipes with the same pitch, but the conveyor belt into the hole, insert a steel rod to complete the connection, and then pull the upper and lower tightly to fix it.

Another way is to wear a steel rod at the upper and lower ends, and then connect to the pendant with the same pitch hanging ring, and then pull the upper and lower tightly to fix it.

image - Conveyor Belt Mesh Installation

3. Screen Installation

image - Screen Installation

As the above picture of this mountain-shaped textured overlapping metal screen, the specific practices are as follows.

First, make the screen large frame, 45° to 45° spell angle welding and polishing after welding the first layer of the screen skeleton.

Second, according to the original design drawing deepened after printing the mountain-shaped lines, according to the width of the mesh will be divided into segments of the mountain-shaped curve, mesh cut into mountain-shaped and then sent to the site installation.

Then weld the second and third layers of the skeleton of the screen, and finally finish the second layer of mountain-shaped mesh, as well as the fourth layer of the skeleton, can be installed.

image - skeleton of the screen

4. Partition Installation

image - Partition Installation

When installing the metal partition, connect a flat spring with the same pitch at the top and bottom of the metal net, then put the flat spring through the flat steel with the same pitch hole, and achieve the effect of tightening the metal net by pulling the upper and lower flat steel, and then fix the flat steel in turn.

image - the flat steel

5. Metal Drape Installation

image - Metal Drape Installation

Drape installation according to the size of the space reserved, in the upper end of the drape installed in turn on the metal chain and pulley, pulley spacing 15 ~ 20cm is appropriate, the track will be fixed to the ceiling, in turn, through the pulley can be.

image - Drape installation according


image - Ceiling Installation

Tension mesh ceiling installation, first of all, the keel will be installed in accordance with the elevation required by the drawings to complete, laser release left and right to adjust the straightness, and then use self-drilling screws to fix the keel and the trunnion on the border to together.

7. Guardrail Installation

image - Guardrail installation

Metal fence production, you need to calculate the number of mesh holes according to the drawing size, the ends of the metal mesh connected to the rope head, to the site installation in the surrounding wear into the border or stainless steel rope (both ends mounted on the joint of positive and negative wire teeth).

After that, slowly tighten to 60 degrees angle diamond-shaped mesh is the ideal tension degree, and then the surrounding frame or stainless steel cable and other accessories can be reinforced.

image - the border

The above is about the categories, characteristics and installation applications of metal decorative mesh. Here is just a brief explanation for you, for more questions and insights, welcome to leave your comments below.

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