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Types of Construction Injuries and What You Need to do if Injured

Construction jobs are one of the most dangerous occupations. If you look at the report of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), you will realize that one in every ten construction workers faces injury.

Given the kind of risks this profession involves, you need to have awareness about the different types of damages and the steps you can take if you are injured.

Types of Construction Injuries and What You Need to do if Injured
Types of Construction Injuries and What You Need to Do if Injured

Types of Construction Injuries

There are four types of injuries or accidents that are quite common for a construction site. Of them, falls generally make up for 22% of the accident cases. One can fall on the floor, or off the scaffolding, roof, or ladder. It can happen anywhere at the site.

Some people believe that falls caused by negligence can only qualify for coverage. But, there can be exceptions too.

That’s why hiring a competent construction injury lawyer, such as Brooklyn construction injury attorney ASK4SAM, is essential to understand one’s right. Those who are experts in this field can guide you thoroughly on how to file a compensation claim.

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Besides, three other types of accidents that can occur at the construction site include:

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Accident Due to Falling Objects:

A lot of heavy machines and tools are used at the construction site. If any of them falls from a higher level onto a worker, the person may sustain spinal cord or brain injuries despite using safety equipment.

Accident Due to Malfunctioning Equipment or Machine:

Sometimes, even after following safety guidelines, a worker can be at the receiving end of the heavy machinery. For example, dumpster suddenly overturns, or a nail gun can get stuck and then misfires. It’s the responsibility of the employer to ensure the maintenance of their equipment and machinery.

And if you suffer any injury due to the shoddy maintenance work of these items, then you can approach an experienced construction injury lawyer for assistance with the case.

Accident Due to Getting Caught Between Two Objects:

This type of accident can be severe and require the victim to get immediate medical help. A worker can get stuck or crushed between two massive objects, such as equipment, walls, vehicles, etc. at the time of working.

Apart from them, accidents or injuries can occur due to repetitive tasks, overexertion due to heatstroke or any medical condition like hypothermia, or fires and explosions.

What Should You do if Injured?

Despite following all the safety guidelines, if you get hurt at the construction site, visit your injury lawyer for a consultation. He is the one who can get you compensation for medical bills and lost wages.

However, before that, you need to inform your employer about the accident as within seven days a workplace injury should be notified. After that, you can consult your lawyer to understand the process of filing a claim.

In case you need medical attention, let your physician know that it’s a workplace injury. Whatever treatment you receive and how much expense it incurs, keep all the records with you. All this will come in handy when the insurance company of your employer opens claim.

The insurance carrier will also collect details from your doctor and employer. Based on the collected data, it will decide the status of your compensation and discuss the case with your employer before releasing the coverage amount.

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