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Uses For Totes around the Home

There are many uses for rebottled IBC totes here are a few you may not have thought of:

image - Uses For Totes around the Home
Uses For Totes around the Home

1. Aquaponics

Aquaponics refers to a method of growing both fish and food simultaneously.

IBC totes can be used for creating a self-sustaining environment that allows you to do both.

Since you can stack IBC totes, you can place them on top of each other, with the garden tier on top of your fish pond thereby creating an all-in-one system.

You can even string multiple totes together if you have a larger operation.

2. Rabbit Hutch

If you keep rabbits as either pets or livestock, you can use an IBC tote to make a DIY hutch.

IT involves some cutting, so you can make a hinged door for both exit and entry.

When you are done, however, you will end up with an impressive multi-story home for your rabbits.

3. Composting

Just about all homesteaders, regardless of scale, compost to some extent. Composting is simply unmatched when it comes to producing fertile, rich garden soil.

It is a smart idea to compost in an IBC tote, particularly for those planning to do some large-scale composting.

All you need to do is drill a few holes for airflow and make one larger hole where ingredients can be added.

Stir it up every few days and you will be on the way to superior gardening in no time.

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4. Duck Pond

While it would be important to drain your duck pond every few days, it is possible to make a decent splash pool for ducks using an IBC tote. All you need to do is cut it in half and then fill it up.

5. Calf Hutch

Did you know that IBC totes can be repurposed into calf hutches if you have a dairy farm? All you need to do is simply take off the lid and cut a door into the side.

If you have a tote with a cage, pull off the cage and then secure it to the ground outside the tote using stakes. You will end up with a hutch plus a built-in pen.

6. Chick Brooder

People regularly make chick brooders using plastic storage containers, such as Rubbermaid totes.

IBC totes, however, can work just as well. You can even use an IBC tote for making a small outdoor run and coop for your chicken.

It follows a similar premise to that of making a calf hutch. In this case, however, the cage will have to be flipped so that it may provide aerial protection from predators.

7. Storing Firewood or Heating Oil

The vast majority of heating oils can be stored in IBC totes as long as you don’t do it for the long term.

IBC totes tend to become brittle due to the cold, and you will want to keep them out of the sun. Otherwise, you are unlikely to encounter any issues.

You can also use your IBC totes for storing firewood. It is actually an excellent way to dry out your wood.

You will mainly be using the metal cage as opposed to the tote’s plastic part.

Stack logs inside that cage and leaves a gap of about 2 inches between each stack in the cage. Keep filling until you are unable to fit anymore.

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