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6 Ways to Improve the Exterior of Your House

Are you thinking about adding some curb appeal to your house? You might have lived in the same house for years and might have gotten bored of the same flat façade greeting you every day.

Or, you might be thinking about selling your house and making some renovations to improve the house’s value.

image - 6 Ways to Improve the Exterior of Your House
6 Ways to Improve the Exterior of Your House

Whatever the reason – we have made a list of six exterior home improvement ideas to add some personality to your house.

Remember that when it comes to the improvement of the exterior of your house, things can be a tad bit tricky, which is why you ought to ensure that you don’t opt for an improvement that is disconnected from the overall style of your home.

Here is how to upgrade the exterior of your home:

Change the Main Door

Believe it or not but you can make a grand impact by changing the main door of your house. When it comes to main doors, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. That said, opt for a door that blends in with the façade and architecture of your house.

Let’s say the façade of your house is a bit on the heavy side; in this case, you might want to install a contemporary-styled door that has glass panes to lighten the heaviness.

However, if you don’t want to make a heavy investment in the door, you can also add a fresh layer of paint to the door to give your home’s façade a fresh look. If your house is located on the road, the chances are high that your house resembles other houses that are located on the road.

In this case, you might want to consider matching your front door with the other homes and making them look alike. Nonetheless, there are countless options of main doors, and we believe that there is a door for every house – all you need to do is to make the right choice and restore the glory of your house.

Upgrade Your Windows

Windows are the eyes to the soul of your house, which is why you can make a massive impact by having them changed or upgraded. Similar to the front door, you can transform the entire personality of your house by upgrading your windows.

If you are on a budget, you can add a fresh layer of paint to the windows – or you could also change the shape and size of the windows and change the overall exterior of your house.

For a contemporary style, you might want to add metal-framed windows, and for a traditional look, you can opt for wooden windows.

Make sure that the windows don’t look out of the context and that they match the overall exterior of your house.

Cover the Entrance

In the absence of a covered home entrance, you might have experienced this: you are trying to get into your house, and while you are rummaging through the bag to find your keys, it starts to rain, and you get wet.

Now, a covered entrance doesn’t only shelter you from rain and snow, but it also adds massively to your house’s curb appeal.

If yours is a Craftsman house, or your house is built like a cottage, you can massively improve the exterior of your house by adding a small portico that will truly define the entrance of your house.

While covering the entrance, you might want to think about hanging a lantern that contains a suitable light fixture. Install the lantern right over the entrance door – you will see that it will uplift the flat façade of your house and improve the house’s overall appeal.

Replace the Roof

Depending on the style of your house, its roof might be a dominant feature standing out from the overall exterior. This is specifically true for a bungalow-style house. To add some curb appeal, you can think about having the roof replaced.

If you don’t want to go big, you see a massive difference by changing the tiles of the roof, as it will change the overall look and vibe of the house. Besides, you could also change the shape of the roof and improve the house’s overall look.

While you might get the roof ready to have the tiles stripped, you might want to benefit from this opportunity to increase insulation and change the roof structure by adding roof lights.

Add a Gate

This idea is excellent for you if you have a patio – or you might also want to look at amazing patio designs. By adding a gate to your property, you will be adding to the curb appeal.

To add solid presence to your home’s exterior, you can opt for the addition of a wooden fence paired with a metal gate – you can, however, also opt for a wooden gate.

By adding a gate to the home’s exterior, you will be adding value to your property – besides, by adding a gate, the gate will become the focal point, which will make your yard appear deeper-set.

Improve Your Garden

Your garden plays a crucial role in setting the vibe and value of your home’s exterior. After you have made changes to the doors and windows, you can proceed to upgrading your garden and improving the overall landscape of your house.

Pay special attention to the outdoor spaces that are visible from the front- there are plenty of ways to design a garden. You might want to pay special attention to the plant’s flowers, and don’t forget to trim the lawn.

Be careful while planning a garden scheme and stick to it. If you don’t know much about gardening, you can also seek the professional advice of gardeners who know how to give your garden that perfect finish. We recommend planting architectural plants if you want to incorporate a contemporary look into your external landscape.

However, for a more traditional landscape, you might want to opt for planting cottage garden plants.

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