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6 Accents That Can Give Your Home an Eccentric Look

Surely, everyone wants to have an aesthetic home. It’s not just about following home trends that everyone else is doing.

Rather, it’s also about inserting a décor that’ll make your home something that’s truly yours. Moreover, being eccentric shows you’re not afraid to portray your little quirks here and there in your very own space, and you follow unconventional elements

image - 6 Accents That Can Give Your Home an Eccentric Look
6 Accents That Can Give Your Home an Eccentric Look

However, this isn’t to say you can go all out, such that your home will also start to look messy and uncoordinated.

With the right techniques, an eccentric vibe in your home can be done without overdoing things. Read more for styling tips and ideas below, so you can smoothly incorporate accent pieces to bring off that eccentric look.

1. Decorative Quilts

Quilts don’t just serve the functional purpose of giving warmth and comfort, as a blanket would.  It’s also a great little decorative piece to give your home that eccentric look. The most common place to put it in would be the living room couch or chaise lounge, along with throw pillows.

When you walk through the home décor section of a store, there are sure to be so many quilts with different sizes and designs.

But, for that super eccentric and unique vibe, you could consider handmade Amish quilts and other types of quilts. You could also go for purely handmade quilts, with all sorts of designs and colors.

2. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows in your living room are more meant as an accent piece, rather than the main pillows in the couch meant for comfort. So, don’t be afraid to have fun with your pillows.

Go as bold and unique as you want to be. Even a simple and small accent piece like your throw pillow can instantly liven up an otherwise plain living room.

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3. Coffee Table

When you’re decorating a coffee table, one of the first ideas that come to mind is to incorporate it with vases, candles, and books. There’s nothing wrong with this, except that there’s nothing eccentric about it at all.

A good alternative you can opt for instead is to go for something unique and quirky. For instance, you can still find a good balance with modern, timeless, yet eclectic pieces by putting different jars all over the coffee table. Think of antique jars with different prints, shapes, and sizes.

4. Barn Door

A barn door is always a no-fail accent piece, especially when you have a farmhouse, rustic, industrial, or classic type of home. If you want to separate your living room from your kitchen and dining space, you can easily do this through a barn door.

The key to achieving this is to have the barn door installed, simply as a decorative item. There’s no need to close or open it regularly.

Barn Door

Position it over to the sides of the entryway, just to define the space between the living space, the kitchen, and the dining area.

If you want to add a pop of color, you can paint the barn door with the color you also desire for your space. The choice and final decision are all yours.

5. Greenery

One of the simplest and easiest ways to add personality to any space is to go green. Bring in some plants, so you can transform your home into a garden-like feel.

Plants are always a nice accent, because of how they can instantly transform and bring a dull home to life.  You may even go for rare ones, such as a nerve plant or a banana shrub.

If you’re not confident about keeping plants alive, you can always start with plastic plants or low-maintenance indoor plants. Whatever your home theme or style is, plants are a no-fail accent piece.

6. Different Fabrics

Instead of going for complementary colors with your upholstery and fabrics, why not try out mixing different fabrics.

You can still achieve a pleasing-looking space even if all your fabrics aren’t exactly all the same, for as long as they’re at least of the same ‘theme.’

For instance, you have a classic and elegant living space. Different floral patterns for your curtains, couch, and carpet will go well.


If you have that eccentric spirit in you, let that shine and show it in your home. When your home is your personal space, there’s no need to follow what everyone else is doing in their own homes.

You can take the road less traveled and opt for little quirks here and there. Take inspiration from the ideas above, as you start redecorating one room at a time.

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