A house is somewhere you spend all your time. You sleep, wake up, get dressed, have breakfast, go to work, and come home to your house.

This makes it a place of crucial importance because your house is where you are at your best. If your house takes care of you, you should take care of your home!

image - Essential Ways to Always Keep the Maintenance of Your House on Point

Essential Ways to Always Keep the Maintenance of Your House on Point

House maintenance is how you can take care of your home.

Your house has systems that go beyond its walls, and to take care of it, you need to understand its systems; some need annual maintenance, some according to season.

A few easy ways can make sure that your house maintenance is always on point.

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Electrical System

The electrical system of the house needs constant attention. Replace any flickering or dead lights as soon as you notice them.

If your breakers keep tripping or fuses keep blowing up, call an electrician to see what the problem is and get it fixed.

Clean your refrigerator coils as well, use a vacuum cleaner to suck away all the dirt from it.

If your wires are exposed, replace them, and if you can’t right now, then at least cover with tape to make sure there is no risk of electrocution until you can.

Replace exposed wires as soon as possible because they can cause electrical fires and cause your appliances to stop working properly.

Plumbing System

The plumbing system is yet another area that needs to be perfect. If you live in a rather cool area, try investing in frost-free taps for your water outlets; otherwise, the winters can often freeze the water in your pipes and cause them to explode.

For instance, few service providers take care of this issue in certain cold areas, like, the best plumbers in Orlando can give you water heater services as well to make sure that never happens.

You should also check your faucets, flush valves and sinks for leaks and corrosion, and check your shower and bathtubs for caulking.

If you have a private well, make sure the water in it is clean from bacteria and other hazardous compounds, and if you have your private septic tank, have it pumped every three years and clean the filter once in six months.

Make sure your gutters, strainers, and downspouts are clean, do not let filth or debris accumulate in them because if it does, get it cleared out, or else you’ll be risking flooding and clogging.

Make sure your gutters and downspouts aren’t damaged either.

Roof, Walls, Flooring, Doors, and Windows

Roof and walls are the building blocks of the house; hence they require equal attention.

Do check roof for damage every year, but in case of bad hail, do make sure that no leakages form because water damage can be very detrimental to a house.

After particularly heavy rainfall, always check your walls for water seepage. Make sure your soil grading slopes away from your house so that water does not pool up.

Keep your masonry and floors up to mark, if it starts to crack or deteriorate, get it fixed.

If you have wooden flooring, knock on it to see if it has hollowed out; if it sounds hollow, termites have eaten the insides, and you’ll need to get it filled; otherwise, it will crack under furnishing.

Make sure doors do not touch the ground; otherwise, it’ll create scuff marks; always keep doors half an inch above the flooring.

All the hinges and window levers should be well lubricated and make sure all your locks work; broken locks on doors and windows can lead to possible burglaries.

Even the patio sliding windows should have locks that only lock from the inside. If you have any broken glass, get it repaired because it can be potentially hazardous, and anyone can get hurt.

Home Safety

You should have fire alarms and smoke detectors installed, and once you do, make sure you test them to see that they work.

Keep a fire extinguisher in your house in case of emergencies and check the indicator on the pressure gauge to make sure it is in working condition.

You should know your home well and keep an eye on the gas valves of the house; learn how to turn off the main valves in case something goes wrong with your stoves or heaters.

Air Conditioning and Heating

The temperature needs maintenance, too, according to the specific location of your house and your preference.

Therefore, your heating and cooling systems of the house should be working properly. Your air filters accumulate dirt, so try to change them or clean them every three months.

Also, have your systems checked by a professional annually. You should service your humidifiers and dehumidifiers once a year.

Make sure that your chimneys and other vents are not damaged; this is very dangerous as if your vents aren’t clear, fumes can get trapped in the house, resulting in suffocation.

Professionals That Can Help

You should know who to call for what. A general contractor can help you organize labor to get everything you need to get done.

They provide materials and discounts and make your job of house maintenance easier.

A handyman can do small things you don’t want to tackle like minor plumbing issues, door and window fixing, glass repair, that kind of stuff.


Regardless of how big or small your house is, keep it in shape; a house is like a body and needs attention.

You should keep your house maintained, or else the workload can pile up and end in the wastage of hundreds of dollars in repairs.

A deep cleaning twice a year can also do wonders in just keeping your house fresh and in working condition.

Keeping your house well maintained will also increase its value and keep you feeling at ease in your home.

The house is your comfort zone. It is a place where you make millions of memories, so make sure everything is perfect.