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Ways of Removing a Tree

You have a tree that’s getting in your way. Trees can take a sizeable amount of real estate away from you. And despite the fact that they actually increase the value of your property, they need to be removed at times.

In some cases, trees can become a threat to their surroundings. Regardless of why you need a tree removed, you need to be aware of how the process works.

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Ways of Removing a Tree

Tree cutting is dangerous and technical. And anyone who doesn’t know what they are doing can increase the dangerous aspect of tree cutting by quite a bit. This is why it’s recommended that you never try to cut a tree by yourself.

Instead, you should call in some experts for the job. Tree removal Greensboro NC is convenient since there are plenty of tree removal companies operating in this region.

You might be wondering that why do you need to know about tree removal is you aren’t going to be doing it yourself.

It’s simple; you should have an idea about what kind of services are you needing. Being familiar with the process will help you pick the right company for the job.

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Ways of Removing Trees

The basic concept behind removing a tree is pretty simple; you cut down a tree in order to clear space. The way you cut down a tree varies from tree to tree.

This is because every tree grows in a unique way and in a different location. Whenever a tree removing company gets called in, the first thing they do is inspect your tree.

They need to be familiar with the tree’s surroundings and its condition. These two factors play a major role in determining the method with which the tree will be cut.

Simple Felling

When dealing with relatively small trees, all you have to do is cut them down. Any tree that has a trunk width of fewer than 10 inches can be felled easily.

A two-man team with a chainsaw and safety gear can bring this sort of tree down in no time. A simple wedge cut to set the tree’s felling direction and a back cut to bring it down gets the job done.

Smaller trees don’t take a lot of space when falling down. They are also easier to remove once they have been felled.

Advanced Felling

When dealing with a larger tree, things become trickier. Large trees have more mass and also take up more space. Their larger mass makes them a major safety hazard when they are falling down.

In order to bring down a large tree, you need a large crew with specialized equipment. In most cases, large trees are cut down by being sectioned or via crane removal.

Sectioning involves cutting a tree bit by bit. The idea behind this method is to decrease the tree’s overall mass. It makes the felling safer and also makes debris removal simpler.

Sectioning a tree requires a lot of pre-planning and a fair degree of expertise. Sectioned pieces need to be cut in a manner that ensures a controlled fall.

Crane removals are reserved for especially troublesome trees. When there isn’t any space for a tree to fall down after being cut, this is the only solution. A tree is supported by a crane and then cut away.

The crane removes the entire tree before it can fall to the ground. This method is costly and time-consuming. But it ensures safe and controlled removal in even the most difficult conditions.

Crane removals are also an option when you’re having a tree uprooted. Sometimes, you want a tree removed without actually cutting it down.

In cases like these, an entire tree can be dugout and lifted away by a crane. This method can be really complex, but it allows you to safely remove a tree without killing it.

Stump Removals

If you are having a tree removed in order to clear space, you will need to have its stump removed as well. A tree stump can be pretty annoying to get rid of.

This is because it is anchored to the ground by a host of roots. The roots make it really tough to simply pull the stump out of the ground.

With smaller trees, you can uproot the stump by digging around it. However, larger trees with complex root systems cannot be dugout. In order to remove a tree stump, the most efficient option is to grind the stump down.

Tree removal companies use grinding tools to turn any stubborn stump into wood chips. Stump removal is tough, but it is necessary if you plan on making use of the space that was being taken up by your tree.

This is everything that you need to know about tree removals before calling a tree removal service.