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Make It Look Good: How to Do Landscaping on Your Own

Most families in the United States spend an average of $500 each year on landscaping needs for their homes.

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How to Do Landscaping on Your Own

Landscaping involves a lot of work and attention to detail, which is why most people hire help.

If you want to save some cash and learn new skills, doing it yourself can help you.

Continue reading to learn how to do landscaping on your own, so that your home can look better!

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1. Create a Vision

The first step in learning how to do landscaping on your own is creating your vision in your mind or on paper.

You should go outside and examine your area. Try to identify the features that you like, don’t like, and want. This can help you get an idea of the direction to go towards and the space that you have.

Even if the result looks nothing like your vision, it can help guide you along the way. You should also use this time to consider how much time and energy you want to put towards landscaping throughout the year.

Landscaping is a year-round job that requires commitment.

2. Clear Your Way

If you want to avoid setbacks while fixing your landscaping, the best thing to do is clear your way.

Getting rid of old plants, flowers, and trees that you don’t want can clear up space and give you more room to work with. You should also pick up any debris in the yard and get rid of toys or decorations that are broken and worn out.

Having a clear yard will give you the chance to continue building your vision and make adjustments. It will also make your process go smoother because you won’t be pulling out old plants every step of the way.

3. Begin with Bigger Items

Now that you have an idea of your plans and have cleared the way, you can focus on rebuilding your yard.

Many people recommend starting with larger items in the yard first. You should tackle large trees and plants before focusing on the other details. The bigger items don’t necessarily have to be large, they can also be your important priorities.

If you know that you will be installing a pool next summer, you should avoid planting in the area. You can also figure out where you want the patio to be and how you want it set up.

Focusing on the bigger details of landscaping first can help ensure that your needs and wants are met.

4. Start Layering

Once the focal points of your yard have been identified, you can begin layering plants and flowers to make the yard more appealing.

When layering plants, you will want to first create defined rows. You can use many materials to keep each row separated. Your smallest flowers should be put towards the front so that they don’t get lost in the mix.

Try putting your taller and full plants towards the back to fill in all of the spaces. You can also do this with trees and shrubs to add more greenery!

5. Fill It in

Even with flowers, shrubs, and trees in the yard, you may still feel like it is lacking.

By filling in these areas with mulch or rocks, you can make the flowers look more vibrant and the spaces more defined. Each section of plants should be well defined with fillers and clear lines.

Mulch can also help keep your plants healthy and cool in the summer months, instead of being dried out. It can absorb water more easily to help ensure that your plants are getting proper nutrients.

6. Focus on the Grass

Unless you live in the desert, you will have to maintain your grass throughout each season.

After your planting has been completed, you can put down grass seed in bare areas and cover it with hay for protection. Having a full yard of grass can make a big difference in the appearance of your home.

If you don’t have a lot of time each week to commit to cutting grass, you can use lawn care services to help! Make sure that you are watering the grass on warm and dry days to prevent it from drying out and dying.

For people that don’t have grass, little pebbles or fake grass can be put in the yard for a nice look.

7. Complete the Yard

When the grass and plants are under control, you can begin focusing on the smaller details.

Some people decorate their yard with flowers and plants, but you can also add in additional items. Yard decorations can help pull the look of your house together and make it more appealing.

Decorating is a perfect way to display your personality and spirit for the holidays. Many people only decorate the yard for the holidays, but many garden pieces can add character.

You should be mindful of how much you are putting in the yard. Too much decor can make your home look cluttered and messy. Try finding a subtle balance in your yard so that it is appealing to the eyes, instead of overwhelming.

You Can Learn How to Do Landscaping on Your Own

Are you sick of pulling up in your driveway only to be disappointed with your home’s curb appeal?

Learning how to do landscaping on your own can help you improve your home by making it more attractive. After you have decided on a vision, you can utilize this guide to make it come true.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and try something new. It may make your home pop in all the right ways.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about home improvement and increasing your curb appeal!

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