What did the rug say to the floor?

I’ve got you covered.

Do your floors need a new wardrobe? Knowing how to pick a rug for your floors is like trying to find the perfect outfit for your house.

It can be tricky finding the right size and color, that will give your home the stylish, put-together look you’re going for.

image - How to Pick a Rug That Complements Your Home

How to Pick a Rug That Complements Your Home

When you choose the right rug, it can instantly bring the room together, and create a sense of balance. However, if you get a rug that’s too small or the wrong color, it can be visually assaulted every time you look at it.

Luckily, we’ve created a guide to help you find a rug that can make any room look fashionable. Read on to learn the right way to pick a rug for your home.

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How to Pick a Rug Size

As you get ready to learn how to pick a rug, you’ll need to know what room the rug’s for. Next, consider the size you need your rug to be.

Will this be a large rug that you’re using to pull together the entire room? If you need the rug to tie together the entire room’s decor, we suggest going with a larger size. You can use double sided carpet tape to provide strong grip to carpets and rugs in place.

Go Big

Bigger is almost always better when it comes to rug sizes. Even if your rug doesn’t fit perfectly, that’s better than having too much space on the floor.

Rugs that are too small will leave the room feeling incomplete, and throw everything off balance. Instead, play it safe and opt for the larger rug, you’ll thank yourself when you see the finished product.

Read Each Room

Next, to pick the perfect size, you have to read the room. If you’re placing the rug in a particularly long room, you should find a size that’s longer than it is wide. On the other hand, if you’re placing the rug in the middle of a large, almost squared room, look for the largest square or oval sized rug.

Visualize With Tape

Finally, once you think you’ve found the perfect sized rug, you’re ready for visualization. Go ahead and get a roll of painter’s tape.

Next, put strips of the tape on the floor to mimic the way size your rug will be. Now, you can visualize the size of your rug from every vantage point. Keep in mind where your furniture will need to go, as well as how the foot traffic will flow for that room.

Friendly Color and Styles

If your house already has an interior theme, your rug color should complement the style you already have. For example, if you have off white walls, and bright color accents in your kitchen, a festive color, such as orange, could complement the room perfectly.

If you don’t have a color scheme in place already, that’s okay too! All you need to do is understand what colors complement each other, using the color wheel.

Whenever you’re painting, picking out furniture, rugs, linens, and even clothes, it helps to know what colors work well with each other. A color wheel is the perfect cheat sheet, allowing you to see what colors relate to each other.

Rather than trying to have your rug match your furniture, look for rug colors that will work with your wall colors. When the flooring and walls are color coordinated, the furniture will naturally fall into place.

Kitchen Runners

Next, consider what style of rug you want to enjoy. If the rug will be in the main area of the house, with a lot of foot traffic, we suggest getting easy to maintain rug styles with short hair. However, if the rug will be for the foot of your bed, you could go with a more playful, fluffy rug, that takes a little longer to clean.

If you’re getting a runner rug for your kitchen, the color and length will matter. We love kitchen runners because they make it so you can enjoy your kitchen time, without your feet getting cold on the floor. A vintage runner, with a fun pattern print, is a great way to make your kitchen cozy and stylish.

For kitchen runners, it’s a good rule of thumb to have the rug length be shorter than the island. The idea here is that you never want the rug to run past the island or cabinets because this can look sloppy.

Perfecting Your Placement

Even the perfect outfit would look strange if you put your pants on top and shirt on the bottom. The same line of thinking holds for rug placement. Having a perfect size, color, and style, only matters if you know the best way to place and position your rug in the room.

No matter what size rug you’re getting, or what room it’ll be in, you should always keep it away from the wall. Having your rug a couple of feet away from the wall will help create a space that feels complete and well-grounded.

Living Room

The way you place your rug, largely depends on what room the rug will be in. If you’re placing the rug in your living room, you need to make sure it fits all of your living room furniture. When the front legs are all resting comfortably on the rug, the entire living room will have a sense of balance.

If you have a rectangular living room, we suggest getting a large round rug, instead of a small rectangular one. We also find that a yellow rug works great for bringing together both large and small rooms.

Dining Room

For the dining room furniture, you’ll want the legs of the chairs to sit right within the edges of the rug. When all of the chair legs fit perfectly by the rug’s edge, it creates a border, perfectly framing your table.

To add even more style, have the shape of your tabletop match the shape of your rug. Remember, it’s always a good idea to go bigger with rug sizes. Having a rug that’s smaller than your dining room table, will make the room feel strange. Instead, go big, and fabulous.

Love Your Rug

Now you know how to pick a rug that’s perfect for you. When you take the time to find the right rug size and color, you can transform the decor in any of your rooms.

You deserve to love your house, inside and out. For more interior decorating tips for your space, check out our other articles.