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What are the Advantages of AAC Wall Panels?

Autoclaved aerated concrete or the AAC is a special type of precast concrete, which is important to create the AAC wall panels.

This special type of concrete is composed of some raw materials that are natural. It was developed for the first time; in Sweden, while the 1920s, when an architect mixed all the conventional mixture of concrete such as cement, sand, lime, and water with a very small amount of aluminum powder for the first time.

This special ingredient, known as the aluminum powder, serves as a special expansion agent that can allow the concrete to rise, similar to the bread dough.

That leads to the incident of the concrete having almost 80 percent of air. This AAC concrete is made into some slabs or blocks and is used to create the mortared walls in a similar manner that is used for the construction of the standard concrete blocks.

image - What are the Advantages of AAC Wall Panels?
What are the Advantages of AAC Wall Panels?

Why are AAC Wall Panels Good?

AAC concrete used for creating AAC wall panels has higher workability and can be easily cut and drilled with the woodworking tools which are conventional, such as the common power drills and the band saws and.

As this concrete is very lightweight and has low density, this must be tested for moisture content, compressive strengths, bulk density, and also shrinkage.

So, the AAC wall panels are a really good option if you want something that is lightweight and highly workable.

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The Blocks of AAC Concrete

AAC concrete can be really useful for building walls, roof panels, floors, blocks, and also lintels.

  • Those AAC wall panels can be found in thicknesses of between 8 to 12 inches and also in width it can be of 24 inches and it lengths near about 20 feet.
  • Those blocks can come in various lengths, such as 24, 32, and also of 48 inches, and the thicknesses can be 4 to 16 inches while the height being 8 inches.

The AAC wall panels are joined with the thin-bed mortar while using techniques that are similar to those used with the blocks of standard concrete.

For extra strength, the walls may be powered with steel or other strong structural members that run vertically through the spaces available in the blocks.

The Advantages of the AAC Wall Panels

Some of the important benefits of the AAC wall panels are:

Soundproof Walls

The porous nature of the AAC slabs can lead to enhanced and powerful sound absorption.

Thus, the AAC wall panels have been the best material for constructing the walls in hotels, hospitals, and studios.

Pest Resistant Walls

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete wall panels consist of some inorganic materials that can help prevent the attacks of termites.

Fire Resistant Option for Walls

The thicker Autoclaved Aerated Concrete or AAC wall panels offer good fire resistance from 2 hours to near about 6 hours.

A Durable Option

AAC wall panels are highly superior options for their good strength. The power of these special types of blocks gives much higher stability to the entire structure of any building.

Easy to Use

As the AAC blocks or wall panels are much easier to handle and use the common tools for cutting, such as the drill or band saws could be used to cut the AAC blocks with ease, thus offers you a much faster construction process.

So, the AAC wall panels are the best option if you want something durable yet easy to handle for your construction works.