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What Are the Advantages of a Prefab Garage?

Did you know garages remain a priority to house buyers? Consider adding a new garage to your property, and increasing your home’s salability. If you want to learn about different types of garages to consider, we can help.

image - What Are the Advantages of a Prefab Garage
What Are the Advantages of a Prefab Garage

This guide will go over why you should consider a prefab garage. These garages have grown in popularity over the years, and there are many reasons why.

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You Won’t Spend as Much

A prefab garage will cost a homeowner a lot less compared to building a traditional garage. A prefab garage and a conventional stick-built garage is smaller investment.

Garage builders work inside a specialized warehouse. The builders have different materials and tools to use. They can build the garage a lot faster and waste fewer materials in the process.

If you build a traditional garage, you will hire a large crew. The crew will need to transport the materials and work for an extended period. Consider choosing a prefab garage if you want to save on this investment.

Installation for Site Preparation

It’s straightforward to prepare the site for the portable garage. Prefab garages get placed on stone bases, similar to a traditional shed installation.

Traditionally built garages will need a concrete foundation. This often results in a higher build price. With a prefab garage, a motivated homeowner could even prepare the site with the help of a friend.

Before you start any projects, check into the local township or municipality guidelines.

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Enjoy an Easy Installation

Another benefit of a prefab garage is that you won’t have to wait an extended period to get installed.

Lead times for traditional garages often get estimated at a couple of months. You could get this garage on your property and use it within weeks.

If your builder has the garage you prefer, you could have a usable garage sooner than you imagine.

Prefab Garages Are High-Quality

When you choose this option, spend time researching these specialized garage builders. Look for a builder who has high-quality standards.

You might feel the cheapest option is the most desirable, but you want a product that will last.

Contact a real estate agent or contractor if you don’t know how to find a reputable builder. They might know someone they could recommend.

Avoid buying from a big box store. Find a trusted builder who will stand behind the build they offer.

What’s the Return on Investment?

Like many different renovation projects you consider, you should feel this decision. A prefab garage is an excellent asset to have on your property.

The ROI on any garage is relatively high. Make sure you find an excellent garage.

Consider Property Aesthetics

Think about where you will place your new garage. You shouldn’t sacrifice style, but ensure the garage fits your design.

The aesthetic and color scheme should suit your home. There are a lot of different customizations and options. Take time and meet with your builder. You want to ensure you get a garage that suits your property.

Sometimes, you can get shutters, siding, and roofing colors that suit your house.

Choose an Energy-Efficient Option

Prefab garages are a lot more energy-efficient compared to site-built structures. You will save money heating your garage during a colder season.

Leftover materials will be recycled at the factory where these garages are built. Less energy’s used because mass production occurs at the factory.

Single Vehicle Prefab Garage

A single-car prefab garage is one of the most popular options for homeowners. It can get designed with a heavy-duty floor, so you can avoid buying an expensive foundation.

The siding, joists, and skids can get pressure treated. This way, you won’t deal with rot or moisture damage. If you need more space, look at a double-wide garage.

Double-Wide Prefab Garage

Prefab garages also come in the form of double-wide garages. If you have two vehicles, consider this option. The garage usually gets built in two separate pieces before getting joined on site.

These garage designs are also an excellent option for those who want a workshop space.

What About a Metal Prefab Garage Kit?

The parts for this kind of prefab garage will get delivered to you. You will construct the garage with the help of a friend. You could also order a metal prefab garage and receive it pre-built.

Factor in the amount of time it will take to complete this project. This is a cheaper option if you want a prefab garage. These metal garages will provide a homeowner with a solid space for their vehicles.

Learn more about metal building resources and why you should consider this option.

What About a Three Car Prefab Garage?

If you need a lot more space, you could always get a three-car prefab garage. You will have space for your tractor, cars, and motorcycle. Similar to a double-wide garage, this garage gets delivered in three pieces.

Then, the pieces will get joined together on site. This garage will have a strong floor to hold up against your lawnmower, tractor, or vehicle.

Will You Buy a Prefab Garage?

We hope this guide on a prefab garage was helpful. Consider what you’re looking for in these garages and what you need. Find a quality builder who can guarantee you an excellent prefab garage.

Want some more renovation or homeowner tips? Stick around on the blog to learn more design ideas.

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