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What Is the Benefit of Ionized Air?

Cleaner air, prevention against allergies, eliminating odors, and fighting against COVID and other airborne diseases–are hot topics in terms of ionized air purifiers. But what does an ionizer do on an air purifier anyway? What true benefits can you get from having ionized air?

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What Is the Benefit of Ionized Air

Some of us might already even have an air purifier installed at home. How does an ionized one differ from what we already have? Should we invest in an upgrade?

These questions might be on your mind, but before deciding on something, we think it best to first understand how this technology works.

So, How Does It Even Work?

The technology behind ionized air purifiers is an upgrade to your usual air purifier at home.

By simply drawing in air and filtering out particulate matter, the ionized air purifiers draw in air, then charge the oxygen molecules (thus, they become ions here).

Since these charged particles have changed through the charging, they now stick on surfaces (the filter), cleaning out the mold, bacteria, possible allergens, and naturally airborne viruses.

With this kind of technology, there can be many beneficial effects that it can bring to us, whether at home or work. Here are three of the biggest benefits of having an ionized air purifier:

1. Prevention Against Diseases

Viruses and bacteria are commonly found in breath droplets expelled either by sneezing, talking, or breathing without proper masks.

Since most of us wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing masks at home, it is best to have an ionized air purifier to ensure that our air is free of these particles.

Additionally, if you work in an enclosed space, you’d feel much safer knowing that ionized air purifiers are being used in the area.

Hospitals at the height of COVID-19 made use of ionized air purifiers to address contamination within their enclosed space to lessen the spread of the virus. This has been tested and proven since then.

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2. Cleaner Air

Aside from bacteria and viruses, molds and allergens can also be found in the air. These particles, however, are not too small for an ionized air purifier to solve.

They can be filtered after being charged as the charging creates a chemical reaction that turns them into bigger particles that can now either stick to the filter inside the machine or simply form clumps that fall to the ground as dust.

With proper cleaning of the filter of the machine as well as the area surrounding it, you could go a long way towards lessening the possibility of allergens causing skin allergies or rhinitis.

Yes, you might still need to do some vacuuming and regularly change the filters inside your purifiers. However, this is a small feat compared to the bigger benefits–healthwise and in the long run–of having an ionized air purifier.

The best thing to do is to see ionized air purifiers as an upgrade that ensures that your house isn’t just safe but also thoroughly cleaned.

3. Works While You’re Away

The majority of people will recommend turning on ionized air purifiers when everyone else has left the room. This is a tried and true method since it uses technology that may emit small amounts of ultraviolet or ozone.

These are essential parts for the technology to do its work, and this is nothing to be afraid of. It is simply elevated progress towards targeting more difficult bacteria and viruses that spread faster than most.

As a result, you can leave it to do its work while you’re away. There is no need for you to be present in the room while it’s working, so you can simply set the timer, and the machine will handle the cleaning for you.

If you’re getting one for your home, you can take turns in using the ionized air purifier one room at a time when a space is vacated. If you’re thinking of investing one for work, this works even better as a final measure once everyone has left.

At the end of the day, the small clean-up you can do to sweep what the machine has dropped is visible proof that it did its job.

Additionally, there’s still research to keep studying this technology and how it can further benefit us. Hence, there is nothing much to fear so long as we research and understand how things work.

As the world continues to get by after the pandemic, investing in measures to ensure safety against airborne diseases and cleaner air has been found necessary, especially for those living in enclosed spaces.

Getting air purifiers at home has been helpful in cleaner air and even better sleep. Upgrading to an ionized one is merely the next step to preventing other forms of bacteria, viruses, molds, and other allergens that our day-to-day routine might not be able to catch.

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