Porta potties are the type of thing that most people and businesses don’t really spend much thought on. Until they’re essential for their survival, that is.

Similar to our need for bathrooms, we always take them for granted, and we panic when they’re unavailable.

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What Are the Different Types of Porta Potties That I Can Rent

Thankfully, the evolution of porta-potties has really made it a breeze to provide toilets for different businesses, like construction sites, running races, weddings, or festivals.

If you’re still a newbie to the types of toilets you can get, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place.

Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about the different types of porta potties. And, which one would be the best option for your needs.

The King of Porta Potties: Standard Units

We can’t really start our deep dive into the different kinds of porta-potties you can request, without giving space (and emphasis) to the traditional standard units.

Those are the kinds of toilets that have been industry standard for a very long time, and they have a great track record for getting the job done.

Generally speaking, those units come in at 44 inches wide, around 89 inches tall, and 48 inches deep. It’s just the right amount of space for an average individual to use.

Those are definitely not the flashy kind of porta-potties. But, they tend to come with a mirror, hand sanitizer dispenser, a soap dispenser, and even a coat hanger.

The main material those porta-potties are made of is plastic. With white roofs that allow a good amount of natural sunlight inside the unit, you’ll get to enjoy the many ventilation slots available. Those are crucial for avoiding odor buildup as time goes on.

Inclusive Toilets: ADA-Compliant Units

Rather similar in amenities to the standard units, the ADA-compliant porta-potties have become an industry must. They’re specifically made to accommodate folks with disabilities or individuals who use wheelchairs.

As a part of the Americans with Disabilities Act, you’ll want to make sure that you’re providing a porta-potty unit that will enable folks with differing abilities to go to the toilet.

These units come in at around 95 inches tall, 92 inches deep, and about 65 inches wide.

These dimensions will allow the simple entry and exit of all wheelchairs of different sizes and measurements.

Including all the amenities that standard units have, they also allow a good amount of sunlight in, as well as the measures for limiting odor buildup.

If you’re in the business of hosting public events, you’ll want to ensure that a couple of ADA-compliant models are available for folks to use.

For the High Places: High Rise Porta Potties

Specially made for those who work in construction, unfinished buildings, and other high places, the high-rise porta-potties come to the rescue.

Made with specialized hoisting rigs, those can be easily lifted by a crane. Also, you can order them to fit your space limitations. So, you can get full-sized ones, as well as half-units.

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A Step up From Standard: Deluxe Units

Sometimes, a standard unit won’t do.

Deluxe units are about 50% bigger in size in comparison to both the standard and ADA-compliant units.

Those are great for camping sites, construction sites. And other places with users who will be highly dependent on those portable restrooms.

In addition to the amenities that come attached with standard units, like the soap and hand sanitizer dispensers, the deluxe units can come with triple-roll toilet paper holders.

They have a similar quality to the standard units when it comes to lighting quality and odor resistance.

Parent-Friendly: Porta Potties with Baby Changing Station

If you’re hosting a family-friendly event or an event that you know young children might attend, it’s almost cruel to neglect to get porta-potties with a baby changing station included.

These units will come with a fold-down changing table, as well as some extra space in the toilet area. We can assure you that caregivers and parents will appreciate having those at your event.

Tech-Upgrade: Flushable Portable Toilet

When it comes to special events like big weddings or large parties, you might be looking for a better-smelling portable toilet set.

Sure, it’s more expensive than its siblings. But, having a flushable porta potty is a lovely upgrade that your guests will definitely enjoy.

It will come with a holding tank, as well as your regular amenities like paper towels, a sink, and a mirror.

Also, you’ll want to use these maintenance tips to keep your porta potties clean and sparkling.

The Luxury Porta Potties: Executive Units

If you’re looking for the most spacious, and most luxurious porta potties available on the market. Then you’ll want to learn more about executive units.

When it comes to sizes, those are already big enough to be ADA-compliant, and they come will a whole host of amenities.

In addition to your usual fare of coat hooks, soap dispensers, and mirrors. You’ll be getting air conditioning, sinks with drinking water, and wide countertops.

Therefore, if you’re putting together a rather high-end event that’s taking place in the outdoors, you should pick the executive porta potties. Those are the closest to an indoor bathroom that you can get.

Staying Environmentally-Friendly: Green Porta Potties

“Green” porta potties are still new and fresh to the porta potties market. The term encompasses any porta potty that’s built from environmentally-friendly products, recycled materials, or uses health-conscious cleaning procedures and products.

When it comes to their appearance or features, they match what the standard and ADA-compliant units offer businesses.

Besides, they can be used for all sorts of events like festivals, backyard parties, parking lots, and even sporting events.

The only problem with green porta potties is their lack of availability with most vendors. You’ll want to ask your vendor whether they offer them or not.

Ready to Grab the Best Porta Potty?

Those who have been in the event-planning community for a while, already know the sheer importance of picking the right porta potties for their event.

But, if you’re new to the industry, you can easily get overwhelmed by the different types and amenities that you can choose from.

Hopefully, our explainer has shed some light on the common types of porta potties available to you.

And, if you liked our article, make sure to check out our additional tips and tricks, all available to you in our business section.