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How to Clean Toilets Properly

As easy as cleaning a toilet is, it is very possible to fail at the task. For one thing, toilet cleaning remains one of the least appealing household chores. Another reason is knowing the right procedure to clean your toilet.

image - How to Clean Toilets Properly
How to Clean Toilets Properly

Cleaning your toilet improperly will only encourage the growth of viruses and bacteria. This is bad for healthy living.

Here we will describe how to clean toilets properly that will not just save energy and time. These proper cleaning techniques will also give you superior results.

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Basic Requirement to Properly Clean Your Toilet

To kick start the process of cleaning your toilet properly, you need to have some supplies at hand. These include:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Eye protection cover
  • Spray Cleaner
  • Toilet brush
  • Toilet liquid cleaner
  • Paper cloths or towels

How to Clean the Toilet Properly

Here is all you must know to clean your toilet to a state that is safe for use.

  • Remove Every Item Found Around Your Toilet

As cleaning your toilet often gets messy, there is much likelihood to contaminate things outside the toilet. This is often as a result of splashing toilet or clean water.

Moreover, moving the items away will save you the time that you will spend on cleaning up these items. So, remove the items around in areas such as the tank lids to avoid extra clean up as they might fall into the bowl while cleaning.

  • Flush, Before Applying a Cleaning Solution

After shutting the lids, flush. Closing the lids will prevent spraying or splashing from the toilet. When you flush, apply the cleaning solution of your choice.

Any liquid, powdered or gel cleanser of your choice will do. When applying the cleaner, target the toilet rim and leave to soak. This is to prevent the cleanser from diluting with water.

  • Clean the Toilet Exterior

As you leave the cleanser to soak into the grime in the toilet bowl, effectively manage your time by cleaning the toilet exterior.

Start from the top. This prevents the dripping of liquid on the surfaces cleaned before. Spray the handle, tank, and its edges with the cleaner as you wipe down. The outside lid is the next point to clean.

Finally, wipe the bowl’s exterior part in a downward direction. Begin with the front and sides before moving to the bottom edges leading to the floor. It is best to mop the toilet floor at this point to avoid getting it dirty.

  • Cleaning the Toilet Seat

In toilet cleaning, never neglect the toilet seats. This is the toilet part often in contact with users of the toilet. It requires thorough cleaning.

To get the toilet seats properly cleaned, you must first raise its seats. Next, spray with a cleaner- both the inner lid and rim. Wipe the lid, seat and back hinges down.

For better access, some toilets have their hinges popped open on accessing them. With a piece of moist cloth, wipe the toilet seat to remove traces of any chemical such as bleach from the sitting area.

  • Clean the Toilet’s Bowl Interior

Commence the cleaning of the toilet’s bowl from the top downwards. The rim should be the first site to scrub on the bowl.

Look beneath the rim to spot all stains and grime. Scrubbing them off when found. The toilet bowl comes next.

After scrubbing the toilet bowl, the drain hole is the next site to work on. Scrub the hole opening found at the toilet’s bottom. After closing the toilet’s lid, flush.

  • Don’t Forget to Check the Toilet Tank

The toilet water tank is part of your toilet and it needs cleaning. This is especially so on observing the buildup of any mineral or crud.

Choosing any of the best toilet tank cleaners will effectively clean your toilet tank after scrubbing and several flushes.

  • Rounding Up

To round up your cleaning, wipe up any cleanser and water drips. Discard any trash gathered and return cleaning tools to your tool kit. Any item that you moved earlier before you started cleaning needs to go back to their previous positions.

What to do if Your Toilet Bowl is Rust-stained

Observing reddish or brown rust, or any other mineral stain on your toilet seat requires action. Making use of baking soda or any commercial product of your choice to scrub the porcelain of the toilet will attack the stain.

Another method involves turning in a can of cola, scrubbing, rinsing and mixing vinegar afterward in the toilet bowl.

The vinegar dissolves any left-over stain. Whatever method you use in getting your toilet bowl properly cleaned, ensure to first flush your toilets before trying to get rid of rust stains.

This prevents any reaction between the rust removers and the general-purpose cleaners. After scrubbing, also ensure the bowl’s lid closes before flushing.


The toilet welcomes a very high amount of traffic in the home. That is more reason why it is often icky. Even at that, only a little amount of time will put it in order and get the porcelain throne to sparkle once more.

Following through on these methods is a win-win as you will rid your toilet of germs, get it sparkling and save time. Your toilet will surely come off better.

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