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What Time of Year Is Best to Clean Carpets?

One of the popular questions people ask professional carpet cleaners like Zerorez is what time of the year is best to clean carpets. Well, many factors determine the ideal time to clean carpets.

However, we will only talk about the two most important ones in this post: the season and whether your carpet is in a residential or commercial area.

image - What Time of Year Is Best to Clean Carpets
What Time of Year Is Best to Clean Carpets?

Factors That Determine the Time of The Year to Clean Carpets

Spring Season

When spring arrives, it doesn’t just come with fresh air; it brings mold spores, dirt, exhaust fumes, and pollen. All these become distributed across all parts of the house from the central A/C unit.

This results in carpets, upholstery, and rugs capturing and trapping these pollutants. As if that’s not enough, spring rains lead to messy shoes, which eventually make a mess of carpets. This is why experts advise having a carpet cleaner you can rely on during this season.

Summer Season

During summer, most people spend their time performing summertime activities like picnicking with their loved ones. Since people don’t spend much time at home during summer, experts consider it a good time to clean carpets. It’s a perfect time for some individuals to wipe out dirt that was acquired during spring.

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Fall Season

One of the second most popular times for carpet cleaning is the fall. It’s highly recommended for parents since their kids would have gone back to school during that period.

Since there would be no interruption from your playful kids, it would be a perfect time for the carpet cleaner to focus on bringing the best out of your lovely carpets.

Winter Season

Once winter sets in, the house will be enclosed most of the time since you won’t be able to open doors or windows for long. Winter is generally known as the season people spend most of their time indoors.

Since you’ll be indoors for a while, carpet cleaning during this season is not advisable.  It is better to have your carpets cleaned before winter so you won’t be stuck with a smelly carpet all winter.

Carpet cleaning helps to get rid of soil, pollutants, and stains from other seasons so you can enjoy a blissful winter.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

In most cases, private homeowners prefer to get carpet cleaning services in early spring or late autumn. There’s nothing bad in using this schedule. Still, it’s important to note that residential carpets can be washed even during the coldest days of the year.

Back in the day, people used to be scared of cleaning their carpets in rainy seasons due to drying issues.

Thankfully, modern carpet cleaning equipment now extracts close to 95% of moisture acquired during domestic carpet cleaning. Thereafter, the carpets dry out naturally within hours, regardless of how cold the weather is.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Office owners usually schedule carpet cleaning services every three months. This is necessary because of the high amount of clients and guests they receive every single day.

Additionally, employers believe carpet cleaning is one of the effective ways they can provide a clean, healthier, and more productive environment for their employees. On the other hand, medical clinics clean their carpets monthly to protect patients against infections.

So depending on the industry, your business is located in and the amount of foot traffic you get, your carpet cleaning time should be between every 2-4 times per year, regardless of the season.

Signs That Indicate Your Carpet Needs to Be Cleaned

Apart from knowing what time of the year is best to clean carpets, it’s also important to know signs that indicate your carpets need a professional cleaning service. Some of these signs include:


As much as you try to prevent your carpets from getting stains, accidents can happen. For instance, your friends could have accidentally spilled some wine on it during dinner, or your kids could have spilled cereal during breakfast.

Regardless of what caused the stain, please don’t take it lightly. The tougher and the deeper the stain gets, the harder it is to remove.

Mold Appearance

The appearance of mold, dark spots, or mildew is also a strong indication that your carpet needs professional help. Since carpets are not cleaned thoroughly every day, food or beverage spills can make them damp for a long period.

Since this dampness favors the growth of mold, its spores end up settling there and growing.

Funny Smell

When you cook without an exhaust, the odors of herbs and spices can easily settle all over your carpet and other parts of your home. This will end up making it smell funny.

Some homeowners are fond of using baking soda and lemon to deodorize, while others use carpet deodorizers. Unfortunately, these DIY remedies fail sometimes, so the best solution is to get a deep carpet cleaning service.


Once you notice strange shades or patches of different colors on your light-colored carpets, it’s time to hire a professional carpet cleaner. If left unchecked, the discolored patch may end up spreading all over the carpet.

Worsened Allergies

Constant exposure to air and environmental pollution may not be the only reason your allergies worsen. Your carpets might be riddled with pet dander, dust mites, and different allergens, which can worsen the situation.

These organisms are known to trigger the health condition of individuals dealing with allergies like eczema, asthma, and rhinitis. So if your allergies worsen once you come in contact with your carpet, then it is time to have it cleaned.

Haggard Look

During the first few months of purchase, carpets look stunning, soft, plush, and fluffy. As they get older, they can lose these features when not properly maintained. If you notice your carpet looks nothing like how you first purchased it, you should get professional help.

Pet Dander/Accidents

Letting pets into your home frequently is cool, but it also has disadvantages. When pets go in and out of your home, they bring dirt or other bacteria that finds their way into your carpets as they rub themselves against them.

If your pet has had more than three accidents on your carpet, it’s advisable to get a carpet cleaning service.

In conclusion, in case you are still not sure when to clean your carpet, the best thing to do is to contact professional carpet cleaners around you. They will be able to advise you accordingly.