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What Are Your Options for Beautiful Bathroom Towel Rails?

Towel storage can become a nightmare if your bathroom is too small, without storage racks or handy hooks, and not enough space to accommodate shelves.

It can be vexing when you try to figure out where to store your bath towels, essential in your bathroom.

image - What Are Your Options for Beautiful Bathroom Towel Rails
What Are Your Options for Beautiful Bathroom Towel Rails

The good news is that there are sites like Allure bathrooms towel rails for small spaces. Regardless of size, all bathrooms need towel rails, and finding the right places to fix them can be pretty challenging.

Using a Bit of Ingenuity in the Bathroom

If your bathroom is small, you may want to explore fixing hooks over the door or shower caddies with a dual purpose.

Fixing a towel rail can be a great idea as the towel you hang there can never come in your way as you’ll hang it while taking a bath only. No one will use this towel rail the rest of the time.

You can also repurpose your sink’s structure to accommodate towel rails that fit perfectly in most spaces in a bathroom.

Did you know that you have options to fix a towel rail right next to your shower (the towels won’t get wet)?

However, if you plan to make any significant changes in your bathroom, please ensure that you follow the government guidelines for a liveable and adaptable house.

Setting up a Ladder Rack

Setting up a ladder rack would be an excellent idea, especially when the bathroom doesn’t have enough elbow space.

Such ladders can be fixed in small spaces and can hold several towels, helping you save precious space. You get thermal towel ladders that are cool for heating your towels and keeping them dry and fresh always.

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In-Shower Storage Is the In-Thing

Having a towel rail right in your shower may sound like a crazy idea. However, this idea works pretty well. When you’ve run out of all options like the bathroom doors and walls, you can have some towel rails fixed right opposite the shower.

Having your towels at arm’s length but far away from the falling water prevents the towels from getting soaked.

Towel Rails beside the Sink

If you have a sink in the bathroom, with a cabinet right below with some narrow space on either side, they are excellent places to have a vertical towel rail parallel to the floor, jutting out from the wall.

The towels remain dry as there’s hardly a chance for the water to spill over to the rails, and the towels are within easy reach too. What’s more is, sliding the towel in and out should be an easy task.

Cabinet Doors

Did you know that your bathroom cabinet doors make the best place for a towel rail?

These rails don’t take too much space, the towel you hang there is easy to reach, and the towel rail itself is not a hindrance as it doesn’t take too much space. If you have a two-door cabinet, that makes space for two towel rails.

For more ideas on towel rails, check out options from providers like Allure bathrooms for towel rails that come in a wide range and at affordable prices.

Summing it Up

You may come across several innovative ideas to do up the interiors of your bathroom. Having towel rails at the perfect location and height is crucial.

It takes a bit of planning and improvising to find the best spots for towel rails in your bathroom.

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