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Must-Know Tips on Getting A Great Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Great canister vacuums help in cleaning and elimination of dirt, garbage, dust particles, etc from home all around.

There are varieties of vacuum cleaners in the market like bagged or bagless canister cleaners with many models in the market.

image - Must-Know Tips on Getting A Great Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Must-Know Tips on Getting A Great Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The best vacuum cleaner depends upon personal needs. It is subject to the requirement of a person.

A canister vacuum is a vacuum that is run through a hose and a rod over the ground to vacuum up the dust and dirt.

Almost all canister vacuum hose ends with a number of attachments that will allow the hose to fit into certain tight corners, which is the main advantage the canister vacuum has over the other vacuum types available in the market.

Being the rotating brush in the vacuum head makes this extremely useful for picking up pet hairs.

Canister or cylinder vacuum are suited for cleaning on hardwood floors, stairs, upholstery like curtains, drapes, sofas, beds & items like lamps tables, etc.

The canister vacuums are used for cleaning needs of every day. It is easy in handling due to appropriate size and weight.

Though the suction power of a canister vacuum is likely lesser than an upright vacuum cleaner, still the canister cleaners are much in demand.

7 Tips on Getting a Reliable Vacuum including Canister Vac

The following are some of the crucial tips to help you if you want to get a new vacuum cleaner.

1. What to Consider When Getting A Vacuum?

There are varieties of parameters especially vac features like performance (suction power), price vs your budget, weight, on-board tools, warranty, bagged vs bagless, etc which make the vacuum cleaner best or not.

The vacuum cleaners are depending upon all requirements. There are vacuum cleaners which have great performance and reasonably priced and vice-versa.

So, always do some comparisons either online or offline and read the real customer reviews before getting a new cleaner.

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2. Is Lightweight Cleaner Good?

The lightweight vac cleaners have different benefits. Is the cheaper cost will be the ultimate winner? Not necessary. The performance of lightweight vacuum cleaners is good on empty floors in controlling the dust.

The lightweight makes the cleaner versatile and has a different power supply. It has certain disadvantages too like it lacks the strength to clean the carpet effectively & small bag has to be emptied more times than other vacuums.

3. Do You Need A Pet Hair Vacuum?

For those that have pets at home, it’s recommended you get a pet vacuum specially designed for pet hair removal.

Popular vacuum manufacturers always produce several models for you to choose from. You can read the recommended canister vac models for pet hair here.

4. Dealing with Asthma and Allergies Sufferers

If case one suffers from allergies or pets are there in the home, it is always good to buy a vacuum that comes with a HEPA filter and auto-seal bags.

The controlled exhaust system prevents the home from molds causing allergies to the user or affecting the pet.

The industrial leading HEPA filtration system can capture almost all of the allergens and pollens to make your home fresher and cleaner.

5. New or Used?

For those with budget constraints, have you ever think of buying a used or refurbished vacuum? One of the main advantages is the cost factor, but the new vacuum offer warranty that is not covered in the old machine.

But you can consider buying a factory-refurbished vacuum with an ‘’extended warranty” online. If you a person who needs the “peace of mind” a new vacuum is more suitable for you.

6. Read User Review

You should always read the customer reviews available online. These are the reviews from the real customers that had purchased and used the vacuum models.

So, if you get many positive reviews for a particular unit, you can consider getting it.

7. Your Budget and Vacuum Price

This is crucial as you need to ensure that the intended vacuum model is within your budget. You can check out the price at major online stores or even go to the local vacuum stores to test-drive the model.


These tips are best in the seven parameters which make customers buy a particular vacuum cleaner. So, the cleaner which suits the need of an individual is the best one.

There are choices for selecting the vacuum cleaner. The research and knowledge regarding vacuum cleaners will help in selecting the right one. A wrong choice can lead to money wastage.

It’s always recommended that you test the vacuum in the local stores and do the price comparison before committing to any model.

The online customer reviews can be very helpful and it’s a must-read tip before you buy a particular canister model.

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