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When is Air Condition Repair Considered an Emergency?

It’s such a bummer when your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a hot summer day. If you only saw the signs, maybe you could have prevented it.

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When is Air Condition Repair Considered an Emergency?

Air Conditioning (AC) units are definitely among the most essential home appliances, so it’s a must to have it checked from time to time to avoid any problems.

But before hiring an expert to inspect your aircon, you can do some simple observations to assess its condition. Here are some signs you might need an emergency air condition repair:

1. When You Hear Strange Noises

Your aircon isn’t supposed to be loud. It’s meant to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

If it starts making weird sounds like loud buzzing and squealing, it’s indicative of an issue that may need immediate action.

Buzzing Noises

A buzzing noise might indicate malfunctions in the compressor in your AC unit. It could also be a sign of loose or missing parts, in which case it’s best to not use the AC. To have it checked properly, you need to call in your aircon specialist.

Squeal-Like Noises

This type of noise is often a sign that the belt is misaligned or worn out. If you have an older unit, this may be the time to have it replaced.

Furthermore, the squealing might also signal water or oil contamination, which is also dangerous. In this case, your AC will have to be cleaned as soon as possible.

It’s plain and simple if your AC unit is making unusual sounds, including those not mentioned above like scraping or grinding noises, it may have problems that need immediate fixing.

2. When the Airflow is Poor

Have you noticed any specific cold and warm spots in your room? Does your aircon blow warm air instead of cold air? These are symptoms of poor airflow that may eventually lead to compressor failure if ignored.

Airflow problems can be caused by several issues like vent blockage or clogged filters. Also, failure to clean or replace your filters regularly, or as advised by the manufacturer leads to the accumulation of dust and debris. In such circumstances, your aircon will need proper cleaning to prevent bigger issues.

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3. When There are Foul Odors Coming from the Unit

If bad smells start to fill the room whenever you turn on your aircon, this is an obvious problem. A musty smell often means that mold is starting to build up either inside the unit or in the ductwork.

This unpleasant smell can be dangerous to your health as it may cause allergic reactions and even breathing problems.

The formation of molds isn’t an instant occurrence. It grows over time in a humid environment, so be wary of the capacity of your AC in reducing the humidity. If you feel like the room is oddly humid, have your unit checked to prevent further problems.

Another type of odor that’s really troublesome is the smell of burnt wire. This is commonly caused by loose electrical connections.

Consider this an emergency since burnt wire might, later on, start a fire. If you suspect this is the cause of the bad odor, turn off the unit and call in your tech for an inspection and repair.

4. When You Notice Water Leaks Around the AC Unit

Always watch out for leaks around your air conditioner. This is a sign that the drain line could be clogged by dirt, debris, or molds.

You may try unclogging the drain line using a vacuum. However, if the leakage persists even after clearing up the clogs, it’s best to call an expert to have it diagnosed.

When You Notice Water Leaks Around the AC Unit

It’s highly important to pay attention to any leakage and to identify its specific cause and have it fixed as soon as possible.

Failure to address this problem could eventually lead to the need to replace the whole unit, which can be a waste of your hard-earned money.

5. When There is a Sudden Increase in Your Electricity Bill

Air conditioners consume more energy than most of your home appliances. However, if you see a sudden spike in your electric bill even without changes in the frequency of usage, you need to have your unit checked.

There are lots of issues that might cause this. Having poor insulation, clogged air filter, refrigerant leaks, and a simple failure in maintaining your aircon might cause it to force itself way beyond its capacity. This will surely hurt your budget in the long run, so it’s always best to act on it immediately.

Main Takeaway

Knowing when to call for an immediate AC unit repair can save you from all the hassle and unnecessary extra expenses.

Just like every other appliance in your home, your AC needs to be maintained and checked regularly to make sure it works at its best and does not pose any danger.

Are you experiencing the same AC unit problems as listed above? If yes, then it’s best to call in your aircon tech now before it gets out of hand!

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