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Why Should You Choose Window Shutters Over Curtains?

If you are looking for a practical way to enhance the aesthetic of your home without spending serious dollars, then adding window treatments can do the trick.

Whether you realise it or not, your windows are not merely for increasing natural lighting or allowing airflow, but it can also impact the overall appeal of your home.

image - Why Should You Choose Window Shutters Over Curtains
Why Should You Choose Window Shutters Over Curtains

While you may be inclined to choose curtains as a window solution because you are more familiar with it, know that there is a better option — window shutters.

Shutters are elegant and timeless, which is why they are still popular today even though they existed before glass windows.

Apart from the aesthetic value, here are other reasons why you should consider installing shutters on your home windows, instead of ordinary, boring curtains:

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Energy Efficiency

While drapes can also help reduce the heat or cold entering your home, shutters are much more effective solutions for this owing to the nature of their material and design.

The majority of currently available shutters have a radiation barrier that deters the absorption of heat from the sun. As such, the temperature inside your home will not rise much even during summer days.

During winter, you can simply close the shutters to prevent the cold air from entering and the heat from escaping. Essentially, shutters allow you to conserve more energy by keeping your home warm during cold months and cool during hot weather.


Shutters are usually made from wood or vinyl that can last for many years, unlike ordinary drapes that are made of fabric.

Curtains are also prone to fading after several washes, which means you need to replace them frequently. On the contrary, shutters do not require regular replacements as it can hold its classic appearance for a long time.


As said by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), at least one child dies from strangulation or choking because of corded curtain and blinds every year. This finding should impact your choice of window treatment, especially if you have kids at home.

Loose curtain cords can loop around a child’s neck when they climb on couches that are near curtained windows.

Why take the unwanted risk when you can opt for shutters that do not have any cords or components that can pose a safety risk among children?


If you are in charge of keeping your home clean, on top of your usual responsibilities, maintenance should be a critical factor in deciding the ideal window treatment for your home. In this aspect, shutters are the clear winner.

Shutters do not require a lot of work to keep up their classic and elegant appearance. You need to dust it regularly, and you are all set. If you redecorate your home interior, you can cover them with fresh paint that complements the colour theme of the rest of the house, and they will look new.

Curtains, on the other hand, require regular dry cleaning to keep their shape and colour. You can also wash them, but their condition will quickly deteriorate.

During remodelling, you need to spend on new drapes if you want your house to look like new meaning you have to shell out some additional dollars.

Ultimately, installing window shutters does not only boost the overall aesthetic appeal of your home, but it also offers functionalities and advantages that you cannot experience using curtains alone.

As such, why would you opt for ordinary curtains when there are multiple types of shutters that you can choose from?