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Why Go for Wrought Iron Fencing?

You may wonder what makes these iron fences so special and a top choice for many. Apart from offering protection, iron fencing has a lot of benefits.

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Why Go for Wrought Iron Fencing

If you wish to keep your residential or commercial property safe and secured at all times, choosing wrought iron fencing is one of the best options for protection.

For a first-time buyer, this article will be an eye-opener that will describe the perks of installing iron fences around the perimeter of your home.

What is Wrought Iron?

Wrought iron is an alloy made with additives. Hence, it has a low corrosion rate as compared to cast iron. Wrought iron has low carbon content, around 0.8 percent, while cast iron has 2-4 percent of carbon.

It makes wrought iron a malleable, ductile, and highly durable material for making fences. The famous Eiffel Tower in France is also made of this iron alloy.

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Benefits of Using Wrought Iron for Fencing

Here are some top benefits of using wrought iron as a fencing material.

High Level of Security and Privacy

A tall, iron fence or gate is difficult to climb over. You can also build fences with sharp tips, which makes scaling even more difficult. If you have kids and pets in your home, investing in wrought iron fencing is an ideal choice.

You can also build it around the perimeter of your home as well as the swimming pool. It will keep unwanted visitors and trespassers away from your property.

Low Maintenance Costs

Unlike other fencing materials like wood or PVC, maintaining wrought iron fences is an easier task. It cannot be easily damaged by heavy rain, snow, or wind.

The sturdy material only needs to be painted every few years. Even in the case of small repairs like a dent or a broken part, the repairing and replacing cost is much lower for wrought iron fencing.

Eco-Friendly Option

Wrought iron is easily recyclable. It can also be repurposed in case of severe damage. Hence, it is a sustainable option for the environment.

You can sell the broken gate or fence parts to antique stores too. It is the best way to reduce carbon footprint.

Adds an Appeal to your Home

A wrought iron fence will add a unique appeal and elegance to your home. It will give an antique look to your property. As it offers high flexibility, you can choose to customize the fence into any design and shape of your choice.

The high elasticity of the alloy gives you various options to design stylish gates and fences around the boundary of your home.

Expert fencing companies will use iron forging tools with the best artistry techniques for securing your property.

Resistance to Corrosion

Compared to regular iron, wrought iron is highly resistant to rust. It contains a material known as slag, which is fibrous in nature. Slag gives it superior rust resistance power.

Hence, you can keep the beauty and design of wrought iron fences for a longer time.

Final Words

Once you have decided to invest in wrought iron fencing for your home, it is crucial to call upon a reliable and expert fencing provider in your locality.

These specialists are skilled at cutting, mitering, and giving the perfect shape to the alloy. Hence, getting your fences installed from professional hands will ensure long-term durability.

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