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Why Is it So Hard to Find a Good Roofer?

A watertight and solid roof is an important part of every home. It’s always a good idea to ask your acquaintances (who share the same style of roof, especially neighbors) when looking for a roofer. Most roofers will readily install either tiles or slates, but-

  • Check their experience if you have an unusual structure or a flat roof.
  • Find out their previous consumers praise all aspects of the roofer’s job, such as cost and quality of the work.
  • Check the time he took to complete the task, and
  • What the roofer was like to deal with

However, not all roofers are equal.

  • Some are conscientious and expert and will do an excellent job.
  • Some are well-meaning but lack the experience to commit all the tasks fully.
  • Some are, of course, out-and-out cowboys.
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Why Is it So Hard to Find a Good Roofer?

The roofing industry is notorious for being full of shady characters, storm chasers (organizations that follow the storms and aren’t local), fly-by-night roofers who are more interested in your pocketbook than a task well-done.

Roofing is a large industry, and there are many roofing needs in some states with frequent wind and hail storms. But, the roofing industry has a labor shortage.

Less than reputable roofers are hoping to make quick money, benefit from this fact, and try to worm their way into whatever they can, leaving their consumers with headaches.

The other reason is the different types of roofs from pitched to flat and numerous materials. Roofers don’t usually specialize in a type of roof, making it hard to find a good roofer for the type of work you need.

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Every fall from a decent height is blamed on roofers making insured contractors expensive in the customer’s eyes.

As anyone with an outfit, ladder, pickup, and a handful of tools, many shady characters can call himself a roofer as the industry requires nil capital to start a career.

The customer has zero knowledge to differentiate between a good, professional roofer and a bad one. Free estimates for repairs also pose a major problem in this sector. The availability of material houses and cheap labor make the situation even more troublesome.

The roofing industry may have many shady characters, but it is full of reputable roofers who genuinely want to help you with your roofing issue. When you need a roof replacement or repair, your goal is to find a good roofer.

When searching for a good, reliable, and reputable roofer; use the following tips to make your life easier-

  • Ask at least four different roofers to submit proposals. Ask questions and learn what you can from each roofer who looks at your roof. Pay careful attention and take time to make an informed decision.
  • Do not select the lowest bidder. If all bids for your roof are within fifteen percent of each other, the lowest bid may be okay. Compare what each roofer has to offer and watch out for extras or hidden costs.
  • Do make certain that the roofer is properly insured and registered. Ask the roofer for his legal credentials (his contractor’s registration number) to operate in your state.
  • Do not consider anything but a roofer’s proposal in writing. Also, make sure to ask your roofer if he has given you a bid or an estimate.
  • Ask when the payment of a roofer is due. Some want the full amount within ten to twenty days after completion of the work. Others request a percentage upfront before they begin the job.
  • Find out when the roofing work will start and end. Also, ask what you can do to get it ready, like will the roofer clean up after he’s finished and how?
  • Ask the roofer how many layers are already up there if you are planning to replace a roof.
  • Find out how the roofer plans to deal with roof deterioration areas like poor flashing and inadequate venting.
  • The warranty of the manufacturer covers some roofing materials. Others are designed for special applications like salt-water exposure, heavy snowfall, or high wind. Ask your roofer how these apply in your situation and what warranty will come with the kind of material you chose.


The key to finding a good roofer is by doing proper research before letting anyone on your roof, even if your friends, acquaintances, or neighbors swear by a certain roofer.

When you choose a reliable and good roofer, you won’t skirt a bad experience. Rather, it could get an enjoyable experience.