Hot water heaters are home appliances that many people take for granted. They are installed and rarely given a second thought until they give us problems.

But as with any major appliance, showing your hot water some TLC with regular maintenance will go a long way in preserving its life and saving you money.

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Why Hot Water Heater Maintenance is So Important

Reduce Calcium Buildup

Hard water causes a buildup of calcium in plumbing and appliances. This is common in water heaters and can cause major problems.

When the loose minerals settle at the bottom of your water heater, it causes the system to run inefficiently.

By putting a strain on the system, your water heater is unable to produce as much hot water.

If you own a gas heating system, the calcium buildup can create hotspots causing tank damage and failure.

With an electrical system, the minerals can cause failure in the lower heating elements. You can maintain maximum efficiency by performing an annual system flush.

Check for Rust

As you flush the system, you can also do an important visual inspection for rust. If you see any rust in your hot water heater, you need to buy a new one.

If you don’t, the problem will get worse, and can lead to much larger problems. Your hot water heater may leak or completely break and flood your home. Rust can even contaminate the water that flows into your house.

The good news is, regular preventative maintenance will help you catch any rust problems before they become major issues.

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Saves Money

Clean water uses less energy. By requiring less energy to heat your water, you will save money by lowering your annual utility bill.

An annual flush will help keep the water clean and put less strain on your system.

These proactive steps also reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs and extend the life of the hot water heater. In the long run, you will prolong the need for a full replacement.

Safety Precautions

Your hot water heater is equipped with several parts intended to keep you and your family safe.

It’s important you inspect these components regularly to make sure they are performing the way they are intended.

The temperature and pressure valves protect you from scalding water and regulate water pressure.

If they are damaged or worn out, you are at risk of burns or a system break. At Wade Roberts Plumbing, their highly trained plumbers are dedicated to identifying and repairing any problems that your water heating system may experience.

Their licensed, qualified technicians come with the expertise to maintain the technical components of your water heater and keep it at its peak performance.

They warranty all of their work, so you can feel confident that your hot water heater is taken care of by true professionals.

Inspect Anode Rod

Hot water heaters come equipped with an anode rod which helps prevent corrosion by drawing minerals to them.

If you have installed a new water heater, you should check the rod after the first year. With continued use, you can check the rod in 3-to-5-year intervals.

All you have to do is drain a few gallons of water, unscrew the rod to remove it, and inspect it for any signs of corrosion. If you see corrosion, it’s time to replace the rod.

By keeping your system at its peak performance, you can enjoy clean, hot water whenever you need it.

You will also be able to make full use of your water heater by maintaining full volume without sediment decreasing its performance.

With regular maintenance, you can enjoy the reliability, safety, and consistency your hot water heater is intended to provide.